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Roy ate from a bag of chips as his mechanic and a client got in an altercation in the parking lot.
“What’s going on out there?” Hank drawled, stepping up and wiping his hands on a rag.
“Oh Jason’s getting another one of them queer boys all riled up.”
Hank snorted. “I don’t get it. He brings in all good business and gets them all in a tizzy. I don’t get young men these days.”
“Oh oo!” Roy said. Jason had made a severe hand gesture and was turning away, when the customer grabbed for his jeans, got his fingers got in a hole,  and ripped them.
“Shucks howdy, we got a plumber in our garage with that crack!” Hank cackled.
The two men pushed each-other, then Jason grabbed the customer’s nipple and shoved him against a car.
“You wanna take bets?” Roy asked, munching.
“Nah. The pretty boy with the giant rock in his pants is gonna win this one. Jason’ll be up against the Corvette in five minutes.”
The two watched their mechanic duke it out with the client. Then, it was over. The customer pushed Jason against the corvette and pinned him against it. Jason struggled, but a moment later they were humping.
Hank pointed at his coworker. “Told ya.”
Roy looked at his watch. “Three minutes, 18 seconds. So it was under five minutes. I win,” he smiled.
Hank rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Oh to be young and horny. He still better get that oil change on that Subaru done today.”
“Roy when I was his age, I could take four women and 10 oil changes a day. Let him have his fun. The gays are good for business.”
Hank shrugged. “If you say so. …Damn, they sure are loud!”

Captions are fictional.


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