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“Yo, fag.”
Jackson was kneeling on the floor, waiting orders while Sir dressed, and popped up to sitting position when he was summoned. Sir did not like being called Master, and as his subservient, it was not appropriate to use Sir’s real name like they had casual relationship. Sir’s friends could call him Rocky. Jackson though that was such a perfect name for his Sir, with his sleek, muscular body. Without hair, he looked like a Marine. Jackson thought for the millionth time that he was lucky to gaze upon and serve such a handsome man – and talented. He had an amazing singing voice.
“Yes sir?” Jackson asked, looking at the chair he had last flung it over.
“Where is my black V neck shirt?”
“In the closet behind the red Vans shirt.”
“Fetch it,” Sir demanded, picking up his phone to check a text message.
“Yes sir!” Jackson was up like a rabbit, picking the shirt out of the closet. He removed it from the hanger, folded it, then kneeled and presented the shirt.
“Nice. No wrinkles,” Sir muttered, inspecting it. He didn’t need to know that Jackson had ironed it after Sir had gone to bed that night.
Sir dressed. Jackson stared at his bulge.
“Hey boy?”
“Yes sir.”
“My band’s going on a tour this fall. I think you’re trained enough to come with us. Clean up after us, make us coffee, help run errands, service us… wanna come see the US?”
Jackson stared, eyes so wide he could feel the air on them. “Oh my god yes, Sir! Please Sir! I’d love to. I’d be so useful, I wouldn’t get in anyone’s way.”
Sir did an unexpected thing – he smiled. “Your face is precious right now. If you had a tail in now, you’d be wagging it I’m sure. I hated having to board you for our last tour. Hate knowing Sir Bennett was using you.” Sir shook his head. “He boards well, but he’s so gross. Ugh.”
“I don’t like being apart from you either Sir,” Jackson said softly.
“That’s what I like to hear. You are an extension of me, boy. I will be very busy on this tour, and you may have to assume direction instead of waiting for direction – but I know you won’t let me down.”
“No sir!” Jackson said quickly.
Sir considered his happy looking boy kneeling on the floor. “You look weird. You have this dopey expression on your face. I think you need a cock in your mouth.“

Captions are fictional.


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