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The photo was followed by a rather terse text message: “OK. I agreed to pay you AND took a photo of me posing almost naked with a bottle of Tide over my junk. NOW will you come over and help me for fucks sake?”

Taylor howled at how angry Mark looked. Taylor had just moved into a new place with his new Daddy, and he knew it would only be a matter of time before Mark realized just how much Ty did around the apartment. Taylor didn’t mind housekeeping, nor did he mind doing things for men he thought were particularly hot and might fuck him later, but over time it became obvious that Mark was just taking advantage of him – and he lied about being bi. Dude was straight as they came.

So once Ty met someone, he gave 30 days and moved out. Ty gave warning – “you know we won’t be able to do our laundry together once I move out’ – but Mark brushed him off. Ty suspected Mark thought he’d just find some girlfriend to do it for him, but his current girl, Stacey, was a fierce law student and didn’t have time to play maid for him.

Ty had enjoyed every pleading text message from Mark. Ty’s new man said it wasn’t nice for a boy to tease and be rude to another man who had made mistakes, but that didn’t mean Ty couldn’t get a little fun out of the situation. That picture was worth it alone.

“Ok ok, fine. I’ll come help you get the apartment fixed up, per hourly rate I suggested. I’ll be there in an hour. After this, you’ll have to hire a maid.”
“Yeah yeah, I’ll get around to that later.,” Mark texted back. “Just get over here.”
Ty rolled his eyes. Mark needed a Daddy of his own to fix that procrastination habit of his and to fix his snarky attitude. A rather naughty idea popped into Ty’s head. He knew where Stacey went to class in the morning. He wondered how much talking it would take to plant some seeds in her head about how she could boss Mark into shape…

Captions are fictional.


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