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“you’re my great escape” 👬

Mrs. Martinez gasped and clutched her hands over her chest. “Oh Diego, look at you. you look so handsome.”
He blushed and scuffed his foot, tapping the flowers on his leg. “Hi Mrs. Martinez.”
“Aww look at you,” she cupped his face in her hands. “You are so precious. I’m so happy my son is getting taken to prom by someone so handsome.” He blushed harder. She chuckled and patted his cheek.
“Mary, you’re embarrassing him,” Mr. Martinez teased as he came out of the kitchen. “Give him some space.”
“Hi Mr. Martinez.”
“Hello. God, you remind me so much of me, picking up Mary for prom.”
“You had that growth spurt and barely fit in your pants,” Mary laughed.
“Uh,” Diego said.
“Oh sorry honey,” Mary said. “Where is Mathias? Mathias! Your date is here!”
“ONE MOMENT!” came the yell from upstairs.
“Probably still getting ready,” Mr. Martinez said. “Mathias!”
No response.

“I’ll go get him,” Diego offered.
“Go do that,” Mary said. “Oh let met take your flowers and put them in water.”
“Thanks ma’am.’
"Sooo adorable,” Mary clucked, taking the flowers to the kitchen.

Diego waved to Mathias’s dad and headed upstairs. “Matty?” He stepped on the second level. “Mathiiiaaass~”
“Yeah, I came to pick you up. I’m a bit early. Where are you?”
Diego heard a door open. “In here.” He followed the noise around the corner and found Mathias in the bathroom.

Diego stopped in the doorway. He was so used to seeing Mathias in hockey gear or athletic wearthat it was strange and stunning to see him in black slacks and a pressed white shirt. He’d gotten a haircut and was in the middle of styling his hair. Suspenders hung off his shoulders. “Wow,” Diego breathed.
Mathias gaped right back at him. “Wow yourself. You look like you’re getting married.”
“Kinda feels like it,” Diego agreed, unable to stop smiling. “Your hair looks great. Here, can I help you?”
“I need help,” Mathias admitted
Diego chuckled and took up the comb. He doted over his parnter, fixing his hair, gelling it in place. Satisfied, he fixed Mathias’s collar and adjusted his suspenders so they stayed. “There.”
Mathias considered himself in the mirror. “Wow I barely recognize myself.”
“I can’t take my eyes off of you,” Diego admitted. “I can’t believe you agreed to go to prom with me.” He hooked his fingers in Mathias’ pants and pulled him close.
“I still can’t believe you got up the courage to ask me,” Mathias answered. “Oh you’re wearing cologne.”
“It’s my dad’s,” Diego admitted.

Mathis smiled. “It smells good.”
Their eyes met and they began to kiss. Diego slid his arms around Mathias and ravished his lips until they were a swollen. He even snuck a selfie in so they’d have a little private memory of their own.

“Mathias! Diego! We have to get going!” Mary called upstairs.
Mathias pulled away and wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. “Wow.”
“That’s the word of the night huh?” Diego chuckled.
“For sure.”
“Come on, we got a prom to go to. Where is your coat?” Diego asked.
“Let me go get it…”
“Oh, I brought you flowers too. They’re downstairs.”
“Aww you brought me flowers? Come here. You get another kiss for that.”

Mathias groaned. “We’re coming mom!”
Diego stole that kiss anyway. “Grab your jacket. Don’t want to be late to our own prom.”

Mathias wouldn’t forget that jacket. In the inside pocket was lube and a condom. His dad had pulled him aside earlier in the night and gave him a “talk”. He was so nervous, but when he thought of Diego, it melted away. Tonight was going to be special.

Captions are fictional.


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