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One squeaky toy for two puppies inevitably leads to some conflicts… *Grrrrrrr*

Sir held his breath as the moment of tension lingered. Both boys were staring each-other down, neither moved. Then, the pup on the right pulled, and the other boy pulled right back, and suddenly they were rolling around the ground in a flurry of limbs and masks. Sir jumped back as not to get caught in the fray. “Calm down boys!” he said, but the pups were wrestling and not listening. The toy was much more important. It wasn’t until one crashed into the bookcase and a book fell on him did Sir put the two boys in time out so they could calm down.

Still, with only one of that toy, he had a feeling his afternoon wasn’t about to get much calmer. He had mistakenly assumed that pupsitting a friend’s boy would keep his own boy busy, and thus work would get done – but Sir was mistaken. He was stuck playing referee! Sir had to admit though, it was fun to watch them…but he just wished they’d get tuckered out and take their naps already!

Captions are fictional.


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