Hey! So I’ve loved your blog since forever and ever and there was this post that is my absolute fav. BUT I lost the link D: I tried looking for tags but to no vain and I know you’re busy and all but it would mean the world to me if you were able to redirect me to it. It was about a guy whose friends got him a stripper for his birthday. At the end of the story I remember them both being embarrased when asked how they met and >.< I really really love re-reading every and each one, THANK U 4everyth

Hey there! I’m not so busy that I can’t help you with your search. If was surprisingly hard to track down. http://allbecauseoftheboys.com/post/102637706180/um-wow-i-cant-believe-my-friends-got-me-a#notes Thank you for reading!


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