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I sat on Black Lightening’s bed, sipped my cranberry vodka, and set it on his nightstand. “So this is the great lair of the Black Lightening.”
Lightening chuckled, flashing a teasing smile under his mask. His full lips and dark eyes were the only thing of his not covered in black lycra that seemed more like a liquid than a fabric. It hugged every curve of him, from his slim neck to his sloping calves to his bulge tucked under the bow of his hips. I have to tell you, it is very hard to fight crime with that jumping around in your periphrasis vision. 
“You like it?”
I glanced around the open bedroom accented with metal and glass, black and silver, with full length windows providing a stunning view over the New York City skyline. The flat surfaces were free of clutter, minus a lamp or a book here or there. The bed I was sitting on was a queen, easily, draped with a faux fur throw over a black microsuede blanket. Very soft, very fuzzy. 
“Love it,” I replied, “It’s very you. Just what I imagined.”
“You imagined now did you?”
I licked my lips. “Very much. Mostly I imagined what the hell is under your suit.”

Lightening smirked. “Now that I like to hear. I don’t mean to be narcissistic – or maybe I do – but you know, once in a while when I’m saving someone I like to be told I’m fucking sexy doing it.”
I laughed. “I like this side of you. I only talk to you when it’s all business.”
“Speaking of business, who is on call tonight?”
I sipped my drink again. “Laguna and Dr. Air.”
“Mm. That’s good.” Lightening strode toward me again. “What would they think about us?”
“Laguna would probably write fanfic about it and tell us how hot it is.”
That made him chuckle. “Probably. It better be hot or I am going to be very cranky.”
I wanted to reach for him but he was just out of range. Instead, Lightening went to the wall and pressed a button. Shades lowered from the ceiling and he adjusted them so they were angled up, allowing light to come in but not allowing anyone to see. The anticipation of the event to come was killing me. Lightening had been vague when he invited me over – “Let’s spend some time together,” but I could read between the lines of what he really wanted to be doing.
Oh, I was so goddamn horny! I kneaded my impatient cock. 

Lightening noticed, but didn’t react. “So,” Lightening begin, fussing with the blinds cords. “When did you first notice you had special abilities?”
This? This is what he wanted to talk about? Why not first kiss? or fuck? Or making out session? Cause all three were pretty good options. I sighed softly. “It happened about the same time as the rest of us, about seven. I was playing in the backyard and set the grass on fire.”
“My clothes caught on fire but I wasn’t burned at all. Soon after, any time I got angry something would catch fire…my toys, my clothes. I was naked a lot.”
Lightening grinned. “Little Naked Ember. I bet you were adorable.”
“I was hung as fuck as a child,” I joked.
That made Lightening bust out laughing. “Oh my god, you are fun. Are you still hung?”
Yes, this was better topic. “I like what I have,” I answered, vaguely. 
“You want me,” he purred.
“Immensely,” I sighed. 
“You want what’s under my suit.”
“So fucking’ bad,” I begged.

Lightening walked toward me again, and stopped just out of arm’s reach. He then turned, showing me his graceful back and pert butt. “Unzip me.”
The simple request made my brain derail. I was trying to figure out how to unzip a man not wearing jeans when I realized he meant his suit. I couldn’t see it at a distance but there was a hidden zipper running down from neck to ass. So that’s how he got it on. Or off. Off was good. My drink tasted warm. Transference. Oh, he was getting to me now. I set it down and stood.

I was down to my fire-proof leggings, already shirtless. I took the two steps toward Black Lightening, feeling like I was crossing a canyon. I held my breath as my hands rested on his hips. He jumped slightly, tightly wound cable under his skin. I ran my palms up his side, up over his shoulder blades. I gave his shoulders and arm muscles a few squeezes, then trailed my touches back down. I slid my palms parallel to his spine and dipped them to squeeze his ass. “Like a fucking rock,” I murmured. “I can feel the strength in you. Under your skin. I always wondered how you could jump so far and now I can feel it. It’s all tightly wound in here.”
Lightening shuddered. “Unzip me.”
My fingers fluttered back up to his neck, feeling for the hidden zipper there. I located the flat bit and tugged it down slowly…slowly…slowly…watching, fascinated, as the black liquid parted like a river to reveal slick caramel skin. My lungs hurt and I realized I had not been exhaling. I let the breath go and my head spun. I stopped right above his ass, but to my surprise there was no stopper. There was more. I unzipped it evn further and had to suppress a gasp as it revealed the cleft between two globular cheeks. His tight hole was nested in there. Somewhere. And I would find it. 
“Now sit,” he commanded.
“But -” I protested. squeezing my own package again.
“Sit,” he instructed again.
Pouting a little, I sat. I’m glad I did. I got to watch a beautiful, private affair as Lightening peeled off his suit. His skin was healthy and damp, glistening in the dim light of the track lighting on the ceiling. I bit my knuckle. Lightening was pulling it away from his neck down, and I could see the square cut of his hair on his nape. Him. Not the character, the boy inside. He pulled the mask off of his face, but I couldn’t see it from this position. Instead, he worked like a lizard cleaning itself of freshly shedded skin. Lightening pulled off one hand, then another, then pushed the suit down to his thighs…and his genitals spilled free. The material stuck to the tip of his foreskin and tugged his member straight before coming disconnected. It retracted, making his plump balls bounce. I moaned and felt my leggings become wet. Fuck. I was going to lose it before the fun even started!

Lightening non-chalantly pulled it off his legs and feet while I started – no, feasted – on the sight of his barest parts being jostled around. “Fuck,” I muttered.
He tossed the suit over a chair. “Like what you see?”
I whimpered. “Yes.”
“Without any fanfare, Lightening turned around and showed me his face. I was fascinated and amazed. Mostly because my brain told me that it was still him. I had long about memorized his shape and counters, and even without the black layer of liquid sex I could still recognize him by his physicality alone. It was strange to see him in tones of flesh, browns and pinks, natural colors. It was pleased his hair was so dark it was nearly black. It seemed right. I lifted my gaze to meet his own.

Under the mask was a handsome face with a confident smirk. Strong cheekbones. Full mouth. A strong profile with a sharply defined nose. I admired the gentle slope of his brows, the tweaked black dusting of his eyebrows. He had such long lashes, which I knew, hiding wide and curious charcoal eyes. Of course, Lightning would be fucking gorgeous. Drop dead model gorgeous. I reached forward and grabbed his hips, pulling him to me. Lightening put his hands over my own. I felt his legs tense and for a moment I was sure he’d slip out of my grip, like how a grasshopper leaps out of your hand. 

His cock was so close to me. Thick, sausage like meat, slick and bouncy…would slide so well against my tongue. I swallowed, hard. 

“Like what you see now?”
I nodded stupidly. “Better than any dream, wet or not.”
He chuffed through his nose. “That’s what I like to hear.”
I traced the damp line of his illiac crest, from his hip bone to his cropped dusting of pubic hair. “What do you want me to call you?”
“Call me?” he repeated, distracted.
“When I’m inside you,” I finished.

Lightening exhaled a ragged breath. His cock twitched. “Tristan.”
“Tristan? Your real name is Tristan?”
“Fitting isn’t it? It has the word ‘tryst’ in it.”
I couldn’t help it anymore. I reached forward and wrapped my fingers around his stirring cock. Lightening – Tristan – moaned and took a small step back. I pulled down, moving his extra skin up and down his shaft. “Holy fuck, yes,” he breathed. “Don’t tell the media this but fighting crime makes me so fucking horny…”
“Yeah me too,” I replied, “But only when I see you.”
Tristan whimpered. “Fuck, it feels so good. What do I call you?”
“Ephraim,” I replied. 
“Mm sounds a lot like Ember.”
“Not very secretive huh?” I asked, pressing a kiss to Tristan’s hipbone.
“Mm what? No…not really. But everyone knows your face. You don’t wear a mask.”
“Why should I? I don’t need to.”
“I like my hidden life,” Tristan replied.
“So you can let boys fuck you all you want?”
“God yes, I love to be fucked.” 

Jesus Christ, I was pretty sure I came my pants already but my cock would not go soft. 
“You will be fucked,” I stated firmly.
Tristan swallowed hard. “Your hands – they’re so warm. It’s incredible. You should come massage me after crime fighting episodes…
My eyes widened. What a personal invitation! My mind drifted to the thought of getting to knead Lightening’s rock ass as much as I’d like. “Uhh yeah that could happen,” I sputtered.
“My cock is so hard right now,” Tristan murmured, closing his eyes.
I gazed up at him, transfixed. “Yeah, you are. And oh look…wetness…” I licked the tip of his crown. I could feel his entire body shudder. Another ragged gasp escaped his lips.
“More,” he begged.
I pushed him deeper into my mouth until half his shaft was cupped againsnt my tongue.
“Oh Ember, it’s been so long!
“Since a man did this to you?”
“Yes,” he breathed.
“Mm,” I replied. “You should have asked me. I worship the ground you walk on – …jump over.”
Tristan snorted. “Oh my god, your tongue is warm too!”
I tried not to giggle. He was adorable. I dipped my head and continued to lave and tease his hardness. I cupped his hip, then slid my hand back, fingers trailing over the swell of one buttock and then down…
“Oh my god,” Tristan said, and pulled a loud breath. I rubbed my hand against his hole, teasing him. Moans of his pleasure grew to tremendous volume. “Ember you must fuck me right now.”
I cupped his balls. “Right now?”
“Now,” Tristan demanded.

“If I must,” I joked.

Sliding into Tristan was terrifying, because I could feel his demon like otherness -his power- coursing through him. And I was trying so hard to keep my temperature under control so did not sear his most intimate parts. My sperm was already sterile from my own body’s power. If I hurt Tristan, I would never forgive myself.
As I sank in deeper and deeper, my emotions began to fly away from me. I let my eyelids drift down. I tilted my head back and let a moan spill from my throat. “You feel so fucking good,” I murmured.
“Don’t stop!” Tristan begged.
I pushed my palms up his back, like a cat kneading. “So tense…god you needed a fucking didn’t you? Poor Lightening. You save everyone but who is taking care of you?”
“No one,” Tristan answered. I was momentarily stunned by the raw need and sadness in his voice. A different kind of fire welled up inside me.
“I am,” I growled. “Starting now.” And then I fucked his brains out. It was a miracle that I did not set the sheets on fire.

Captions are fictional.


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