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I stand there in the entry way to our living room, hand paused while scratching the back of my neck. My mouth is frozen in mid-yawn. My house boy is perched on the mantel of our fireplace with feline grace, all curves and sunkissed bare limbs, gazing out onto the skyline. I work my dry mouth and swallow. He looks like he is part of the room, like I had a naked male version of the Little Mermaid statue from Copenhagen installed in my condo.

I pat my pocket, seeking my phone. I frame the shot and snap it. Perfect.

At the sound, my houseboy looks over his shoulder. “Oh, you’re up. Good afternoon, Sir. How was your nap?”
“Wonderful,” I reply. “I can’t wait until this client partnership is over and I can sleep like a normal person again.”
My houseboy gives me a wistful look. “It will be soon. Shall I get you some refreshments?”
“Mmnn. No, don’t get down. You can get it in a minute.” I walk over to him. “What are you looking at?”

My boy shrugs. “I just realized I never took the time to really look at the view you know? Been working so hard to keep your life and home in order since we moved here, but I spend most of it looking down. It’s beautiful.”
I run my palm over his thigh. I suddenly want him naked and spead open under me in an embarrassingly vulgar way.  
“What do you see?” I manage to say.
“Mmmn. There’s a bird of prey circling to the right there.”
“Oh? So there is.”
“There’s a red flag on that building over there. Someone is having a smoke break on that roof there. There’s a balloon caught on that line there…”
“You see a lot.”
My houseboy looks pleased that I’m interested. “I wonder what I could see if I had that bird’s vision.”
“Probably ants on the sidewalk,” I guess.
“Mmmn. Possibly.” My houseboy looks at me. I position his chin with my pointer finger and kiss him. He leans in, and I give him my tongue. A soft groan escapes from lips. “God, I love it when you kiss me for no reason.”
“Oh there is always a reason,” I insist. “And I could use that refreshment now. Get two.”

My houseboy blinks, trying to snap back into focus. “Ye – yes Sir.” He slides off the mantel with noted grace. I watch that fine body as he sashays into the kitchen.

I sit on the sofa when he returns with two glasses. We sit and discuss dinner as we drink our iced tea. When I finish mine, I set it down on the tray.
“Another Sir?” My boy prompts.
“No,” I say, leaning in and caressing his jaw. “I want you.”
I take the glass out of his hand and put it on the table. I lean forward and guide him backwards until his back is on the sofa, over the afghan. I crawl up onto the cushions and settle between his legs.

He is always naked. I chose not to lock him and instead make him come to me to ask for relief, which is just the right amount of control and humiliation to set me off. He has been so good so far in learning that his cock is mine to touch and handle first. I enjoy a palm full of the hardening thing as I push down my boxers and extract mine out.

We always hide lube and condoms under the sofa seat cushions, and I’m pleased my houseboy remembered to put them there after we moved.

He takes me like a pro – hot and tight, without needing to be stretched. Every inch pushed in makes him mewl and wiggle like a kitten. “Good boy,” I grunt, beginning my thrusts almost immediately. He responds by wrapping his legs around my back.

I reposition and push inside him deep, and I know I hit his spot because pre-cum spurts all over my hand. I rub his cockhead with my thumb and he shivers tremendously.
“Yes. Yes, like that boy,” I murmur. He whimpers my name.

I finish taking him with a breathless pace. I’m feeling particularly amorous and grant him an orgasm with mine – but after mine, of course. I mark him with hickeys and licks, and enjoy feeling him soften and relax under me. I nuzzle his swan like neck. “I could use another refreshment now.”
“Wh – when my legs work again, Sir, I will obey that order.”
I smirk at him and chuff under my breath. “So it shall be.” I caress his sensitive little cock until he’s sweating under me and protesting dearly, but I relent once he’s shot again – a little clear fluid under his belly button. I lick him until he’s giggling cause he’s ticklish, and then my lust is sated.

The next day, I go out and buy him a pair of binoculars and leave them on the mantel. I also give him a journal to write down his finds.

He clearly loved his presents, because my boy drew hearts on my pancakes with chocolate syrup for a week after. When he stopped, I told him not to cause I loved it so much. I love him so much.

Captions are fictional. I didn’t realize this was a selfie by OP. Beautiful work.
The skyline is of Brooklyn apparently.

Also I didn’t know the OP had put a Little Mermaid reference into his tags until after I wrote this, lol.


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