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Fenrir cocked the gun and raised it. His heart was pounding, sweat pouring out of him. “Get. the. fuck. away. from. him.” Each word was spat, not said, each vowel tipped with acid.
Will looked over his shoulder, furious at being interrupted. “I don’t know how you got in here, but you are trespassing and need to leave. This is not your business.”
Fen growled. “It is my business. Avery is not consenting. Now you better get off of my boy or I will shoot you.” Fen matched Will’s piercing dark stare. He very badly wanted to look at Avery’s face, but knew his terror and fear would be distracting. He would not be able to look away, and Will would then get the upper hand.

Will did not move. Fen cocked the gun, and fired it at Will’s feet. Will cursed; Avery screamed and began to sob.
“Move.” Fen said. He was bluffing calm. Inside he was so angry it felt like lava was flowing through his veins and that he could feel his rage deep in his marrow. The adrenaline was still coursing hard, as it had been when he’d gotten a frantic text message from Avery: Please come over, this guy won’t let me leave and I’m terrified he’s going to rape me. He took my phone, but he went to the bathroom. 3935 Hemlock.

Fen hadn’t replied. He hadn’t called the cops either. They wouldn’t do anything until a crime actually occurred. No, this was a problem a gun could solve. He just jumped into his car and sped over to the address; he didn’t even put on a shirt. Fen was so relieved he had gotten here in time. Avery had been his best friend from childhood. Fen was always sure they’d end up together, but the timing was never right. Well, he’d finally got it right.

Will snickered. “No…you are too chicken to shoot me. You are going to stand there and watch as I give this little slutty cocktease what he wants. It’ll be hot with someone else watching, won’t it? You always wanted my cock, baby, right from the beginning…” He cupped Avery’s cheek, which made him whimper.

That sent Fen over the line. “I told you not to touch him!” and he fired the gun. The bullet sank into the back of Will’s thigh, missing his artery by an inch. Blood splattered and Will fell back, howling. Avery was crying hard. Fen jogged over and pulled him up. “Get behind me.” Avery clung to him, naked and shaking. Fen waited, gun raised. But Will was broken. He was apologizing and begging someone to call 911.

Fen lowered his gun. “Avery honey, go get your clothes and meet me in the car.”
“I can’t,” he whimpered.
“You have to be strong for me. Go ahead and get your clothes, and we’ll walk out together then ok?”
Avery didn’t answer, then Fen heard him take a deep breath and felt him pull away from his body. Avery gathered his clothes and ran back to his hiding spot behind Fen. Fen walked them backwards out of the house.

In the car, Fen locked the doors, and called 911. Then, they drove away. Fen took Avery to the police to make a report and leave the gun, then took the boy home.

Fen imagined Avery would want a shower and then hide under the covers, but Avery wanted something else. He wanted intimacy. Fen made him ask twice if that was what he wanted, and Avery pleaded. So Fen took him to bed and made love to him proper, claiming him once and for all.

Captions are fictional. So I said I wasn’t posting this weekend, but then this picture showed up on my dash.


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