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“Wow,” Reese breathed. “Oh my god, Master, it’s beautiful!”
“It is spectacular isn’t it? The photos did not do it justice.” Nicholas walked up to where his boy was standing.
“I am just so touched that you brought me here …for our special night.” Reese turned toward his Sir, who was standing next to him, carrying a box. When their eyes met, Reese instinctively dropped to his knee.
“You may continue standing, boy.”
Reese came back up to full height. “Yes, Master.” His eyes darted to the box in his Master’s hands.
“I have been waiting so very, very long for this day, Reese. When I laid my eyes on you in Finnigan’s bar, I knew. I just knew. You were mine.”
Reese blushed. “I’m astonished to hear that Sir, considering I was over Finnigan’s knee getting a bare bottomed spanking for breaking a tray full of dishes.”
Nicholas laughed. “Well, you weren’t cut out for waitering, boy. I know you just loved being there because it was a leather bar.”
Reese gave a sheepish simle and rubbed the back of his neck. “Busted.”
“But you also had – and have – a very cute bottom.”
“Thank you Sir.” The color of Reese’s cheeks darkened.

Nicholas took a step forward and gazed out over the sea. “I could not wait to get my gloves on you. But to imagine we would progress this far…”
Reese bit his lip. He was sure he could hear his Master’s voice hitch. “…Sir?”
“Undress for me, Reese.”
“Yes sir.”
“No. Wait. I will do it for you.” Nicholas said suddenly. He set the box on a table, and then turned his attention to his boy. He patiently peeled off his t-shirt, folded it, then set it on the same table. Off went the boy’s belt, his jeans, his socks, his shoes. Nicholas gave Reese’s bottom a few squeezes, and Reese’s balls were not ignored either after the jockstrap came off. Reese’s cock was safe and clean in its cage.

When the jockstrap was set on the rest of his clothes, Nicholas turned to face his boy. His mouth made a “o” shape, and he sighed in awe at the sight of his near-naked submissive standing in front of the beautiful vista. That lump returned. “Goddamn,” Nicholas muttered. “Kneel,” he then said, hoarsely.

Reese dropped to his knees, securing his hands behind his back, and bowing his head. Nicholas undid the necklace around his neck, then removed the key on it. He used it to remove the lock securing the industrial chain of links around Reese’s neck. It hit the floor with a thud. “Today, you are no longer a submissive in training. You are no longer a reserved boy. From today, and hence forth, you are an owned boy. You belong to me. You always have been, and now you may carry a symbol of it where-ever you go.” Nicholas swallowed hard. God, he told himself he wouldn’t cry! “Stand, boy.”

Reese stood, trembling. Nicholas turned to the box on the table and removed the lid. He pulled out a stunning circlet with fine lines etched into the metal to give it an artistic, yet masculine feel. Nicholas paused to note how weird it was to see Reese without anything on his neck, and realized that he hated it. He quickly put the circlet around his boy’s bronzed neck and pressed the latch into place. Reese made an emotional noise when it clicked. Nicholas sighed in pleasure, then lifted Reese’s chin with his finger. “Congratulations on earning my collar, boy.” Tears slid down his face.

Reese began to sob in open, and Nicholas embraced him. Reese squeezed him so hard in return that he felt his Master’s ribs contract under his grip. “Thank you, Master,” he hiccuped. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much Master!”
“Not nearly as much as I love you,” Nicholas replied, his voice ragged.

A soft rain began to fall. They paused to watch the natural event, then Nicholas took Reese’s hand and guided him to the bed to consumate their bond.

Captions are fictional.


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