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“Why did you give me this?” Bert asked, giggling.
“I thought it was fitting,” his man, Drew, replied.
“But I’m not naughty. I’m a good boy. I’ve stayed locked. I haven’t begged. Just…whimpered,” Bert says with a shrug.
“Well, Coke didn’t make a Chaste Boy bottle.”
“They should have. Or a Good Boy one.”
Drew chuckled. “Mmn you are a good boy, Bert, but it is my job to call you that – not you. But…hard to argue. You look so beautiful. Hairless and bubblegum pink. God, I love this pink color. It compliments my darker one. Yours is the perfect opposite to my thicker, superior, cock-”
Bert groaned. “I love your cock.”
“Mm and why is that specifically?”
“Cause it’s an alpha’s cock – you’re super hung, hairy, uncut…” Bert licked his lips. “…Can I have it right now?”

Drew chuckled it. “Coke needs to make one of these called Someone Horny.”
Bert stuck his tongue out. “If you don’t fuck me I’m going to fuck myself with the bottle.”
Drew cupped Bert’s chin and pinched it with his fingers. “Don’t be vulgar or demanding. It’s not fitting of a good submissive.”
“Sorry Sir.”
Drew patted Bert’s cheek. “I know, being super horny can make you cranky. Lie back – I’m going to give you some prostate therapy.” He set the bottle back down and began to undo his pants.
“Yes love?”
Bert sank to his knees in front of his man. “May I undress you Sir?”
“Fuck,” Drew sighed. “What do they put in Coke these days? We need to buy more of it.”
Bert worked the zipper. “I dunno, but if that’s the way it works, then you should buy me some Squirt.”
Drew laughed. “My poor boy. Don’t you worry, after I’m done with your, ahem, therapy, they are gonna put you on the front of the can.”

Text is fictional.


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