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“How’s the chili coming?” Gabriel asked.
“Doing alright. On hour three. It needs more time in the crockpot. Are the green beans done?”
“Mmnn. Just about to put them in the freezer. We’re running out of room in there though.”
“Yeah we won’t have much room soon,” Benji agreed. “The lasagna took up a ton.” He shifted his weight, “God, my feet hurt. I can’t believe we’re almost done with the weekly cooking. Such a big list of recipes this week cause of that holiday party at the firm.”
“Mmn, yeah I’m burnt out on cooking. My hands are so dry from washing them.”
“Me too,” Benji agreed.
We still have to start on dinner though. It’s nearly 6.” Gabriel sighed. “Ugh, I don’t even want to touch food right now. I’m so done with handling raw fish. It’s a shame fried catfish just isn’t as good any other time then fresh.”
“Yeah seriously. I mean you can put it in the broiler but it’s just not the same,” Benji agreed. He shifted his weight again. “I think I’m going to ask Stephen for a mat to stand on or something.”
“Mmmn. That’s a good idea. Pass the pepper.”

Normally, both boys wouldn’t be so dour about serving the men they both loved and preparing food which would nourish them through-out the week. Gabriel worked for Porter, an esteemed lawyer, as a personal assistant and houseboy, and Benji, worked part time both for Porter’s paralegal Stephen, and went to school. Once a week, Gabriel and Benji got together and prepared meals for the week, dividing it at the end of the day to take to their respective homes. It was easier with two, and the company was better. But today wasn’t a normal day. It was a day they both wanted to be somewhere else, especially as the hours ticked on.

Then, the door bell rang.

Gabriel looked up. “Must be a courier.” That wasn’t entirely unusual. Legal documents sometimes had to be signed the same day they were written, and once in a while a courier knocked at odd hours to have Porter sign something important. Gabriel washed his hands real fast and dried them on a towel. “Coming!”

He jogged toward the door, and checked the peep hole. Yep, courier. Gabriel hoped it wasn’t urgent. Porter was still at the office. “One moment please.” Gabriel opened the door and went through the proper motions of politely accepting the envelope and signing for it. He was confused when the courier said it was for him – not for Porter.
“For me?” Gabriel repeated, confused.
“Yes Sir. That’s what it says.”
“Turn it over.”
Gabriel flipped the envelope over. In Porter’s black scrawl it said, “Gabriel – open immediately.”
Gabriel was immediately curious. Christmas was still a week away. An early present maybe?

He tipped Joshua, closed the door, and went back to the kitchen.
“Courier?” Benji asked, setting corn flour on the counter.
“Yeah but it’s address to me.”
Gabriel held up the envelope. 
“Oh weird! Porter sent you an delivery from his office? How mysterious. Open it open it!” 
Gabriel grinned and tour open the perforated tab. Benji bounced on his feet. Inside, was an envelope and a note. 
“Dear Gabriel and Benjij – thank you for your hard work today. Stephen and I know we have the best houseboys and boyfriends ever.-”
“Awww,” Benji cooed, putting a hand over his heart.
“-..Please enjoy the night off?” 
Gabriel furrowed his brow. “That’s what it says. To enjoy the night off.”
Benji’s face lit up. “Oh maaan. Is that what I think it is? Tell me what’s in that envelope is what I think it is!”
Gabriel tore it open and pulled out two tickets to a 8:30 showing of the new Star Wars movie. He gasped. “BENJI look!”
Benji whooped and jumped around in a circle.
“Holy shit, Porter got us tickets!” Gabriel gaped at them, touching them excessively to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating this.
“We’re going on premiere night!” Benji cried out, suddenly feeling much more rejuvenated. “Oh this is awesome! No chance of having it spoiled online then!”
“Dude there’s something else in here,” Gabriel said, feeling the envelope
“What what?”
“It’s two twenty dollar bills.”
“What for?” Benji asked.
Gabriel unfolded them and read the post it note stuck to one. “Order yourselves a pizza, get showered, and go.”
“Aw sweet pizza!”
Gabriel shared the sentiment. Porter disapproved of unhealthy carb-bombs and greasy plates. Pizza and a movie was going to be a blast, like when they were teenagers again. Not having to make dinner was such a relief.

Gabriel texted Porter immediately, so wired he could barely type straight: Thank you thank you thank you Sir!! So excited that we get to go to Star Wars!
Porter replied: You’re welcome. You and Benji have fun. Don’t worry about dinner.
Then: Oh, Stephen is sleeping over tonight, so please make sure both you boys are prepared when we come home. We will want both of you.
Gabriel gave Benji a lopsided grin and showed him the message. “It’s going to be a long night.”
Benji chuckled and shook his head. “Oh, our men. So insatiable.”
Gabriel giggled. “Come on! Help me find a place to order take out from. We should order it and go shower to save time. The movie starts at 8:30 and I am NOT missing the trailers.”
“Did you hear there’s a new Independence Day 2 trailer?”
“Benji! No spoilers!”
“I’m going to make sure Stephen spanks you for that!”
“I said I’m sorry!”

Text is fictional.


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