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I felt his pressure on the mattress as he scooted over to me. A moment later, I felt Raphael’s arms around me. A kiss was pressed to my temple. I set down the socks I was folding. “Hello,” I signed. “What are you up to?”
Raphael covered my hands with his own and pushed them down to my lap, then continued kissing me up my jaw and around my ear. I pulled my hands free. “You’re making it hard to fold laundry,” I signed.
Raphael chuffed warm air into my ear and pushed my hands in my lap. I smiled. Raphael was in one of his moods I liked. He pushed my hands out of my lap and began to slip his own hands down into my underwear. I gasped, out of habit, although I couldn’t really hear it. I wasn’t wearing my hearing aids, as I often didn’t around the house. 

My cheeks turned red as Raphael’s hands cupped my penis and balls. I was sure I was blushing horribly. Raphael’s affection knocked me figureatively on my ass sometimes. I could just be doing something normal, and then he would just come along and make me feel so entirely desired and craved for that it made my head spin. I never thought much of myself in a flaccid state – I was kind embarrased of how I looked actually, but Raphael found me sexy. He lusted after me hard, often out of nowhere. It was sudden as it was passionate.

His hands were now working me in my underwear, making my cock harden and straighten. I grabbed Raphael’s wrist. Raphael didn’t stop.

I began to feel hot. Raphael pulled my package out of my pants and began to stroke me in the open air. I leaned against him and he kept kissing me. I hooked an arm behind him and pushed my pelvis forward. I groaned. Even if Raphael couldn’t hear me, he could feel it. I honestly liked that he couldn’t hear me. Even I knew that I was loud at sex. I moaned, cried out, keened all sorts of combinations of vowels and half formed words. It was me unrestrained. I could not imagine how hearing couples did it – your partner heard every noise you made! How embarrassing! With Raphael, I did not have to think about it. I could just focus on the sensual pleasures from touching and stroking.

I signed the word “ejaculation” and “soon” and Raphael’s grip on me tightened. It felt so good, my head was spinning. Raphael was rolling and tenderizing my balls with his other hand, making me squirm. I pushed socks aside so I could stretch out my legs. 

Raphael pushed his thumb into my cockhead, which was sensitive from being exposed outside its foreskin, and I lost it. I cried out and shot, my seed splashing over the bed and fresh socks I had just washed. Raphael nibbled my ear lobe and pumped me until I was spent. He then used one of the socks to clean me, but Raphael never finished. I tackled him and blew him in return.

Text is fictional.


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