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The party was thriving right outside the simple, pressboard door but it might as well have been in a separate dimension. I could hear the thump of the Spotify playlist I made, and the occasional sprinkle of laughter or shouting from a drunk guest. It was Christmas in New York, and we had passed our exams and we were all going a little crazy, being a little bold. It must have been the champagne though. I mean why else would I get up the courage to flirt with that guy in my life drawing class that I been pining for all semester? 

Santa must have decided I deserved a present early, or maybe Todd was just as drunk I was, but soon he was pulling me away from the noise and activity to a spot where we would be alone. We found a place, then a chair.
I had always prayed he was a top. It wasn’t like me. I was stereotypically gay as they came but I still didn’t like the idea of being a sissy. I imagined myself to be more of a power bottom than I actually was, but Todd saw right through me. He knew to put me on his lap and assert himself and hold me in place.

Todd’s hand on my side tickled a little, and the heavy pressure of it made my heart flutter. My cock also found it very interesting.
I didn’t have time to linger on my rising panic as the bulge in my pants grew. Todd nuzzled me, then gently guided my chin forward with his artistically skilled fingers and pressed his lips to mine. My brain shut down. 

How long we sat there like that, gently kissing, I’m not entirely sure. I know at some point, the door opened and the party rudely spilled into our private space. It was loud and ugly and I wanted it to go away. I know someone said, “Hey Todd have you seen ….ohhhh about time” and then the door closed. But I didn’t look up to see who it was. It was in another dimension, you see. Far away. It did not concern me. I was living in the present, happily being seduced by a beautiful boy in a fine blue shirt with a perfect chin that fit right between my fingers. 

Text is fictional.


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