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“What are you thinking about babe?” Saul asks, wondering what has his husband’s attention.
“I’m thinking that piece of art we bought looks like a penis.”
“…I thought that’s why you bought it?”
“…I just bought a huge piece of art that looks like a dick.”
“Can we put it over the sofa?” Saul suggests.
“You know what, that’s actually a great place for it. “But first…can you scratch my back please? Your nails feel amazing.”
“How about you put up our new art, lie down on the sofa, and I’ll not only scratch your back but give you a massage and a handjob too?”
“Shit babe, you sure how to drive a hard bargain.”
Saul chuffs through his nose. “Is that what we’re calling your dick now? Hard Bargain?”
That makes his husband laugh. “Now, now. His name is Stud, and you will address him correctly.”
Saul smiles. “I am so glad I married you. But you’re wrong. Your dick’s name is mine.”

Text is fictional.


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