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Relationship goals.

“Breakfast is served Sir!”
“Holy crap, look at that.”
“Waffles, poached eggs, blueberries and cream.”
“That looks delicious as it is unhealthy.”
Roland laughed. “That it is.” He sat the plates down, then put the cream down, and went to refill his boyfriend’s glass.
Tyge smiled  “I never used to look forward to breakfast until I started dating you. Especially after hot nights…”
Roland beamed. “Thank you. I love to please. I also like those hot nights”
Tyge took a big bite and groaned. “Mmnmm. Damn good.” He took a drink. “Speaking of your need to please…”
“I like having you around,” Tyge began. “I’d…like you to stay around more. Like, in my house.”
Roland was paying attention now. 
“It feels stupid that you don’t live here. I’d like you to move in with me, and take care of me like you do now. I’d take care of you, if you continued to cook like this because damn I love your cooking. Also well…I have to admit, I’m falling in love with you and I want to see your smile every day.”
Roland blinked, his jaw slack. He put his fork down and bit his bottom lip hard. “Tyge Clay Daniels.” He held up a finger to get his emotions in check. “You continue to be the sweetest, most considerate boy I have ever had the joy of dating. And what’s the best about this is, is that you get me. You understand me. You don’t make fun of me that I like domestic stuff, you even encourage me, and you just make me feel so good about myself. I would love to move in with you. Oh god, I’m going to cry.”
Tyge chuckled. “There there, it’s ok.” He leaned over the table, cupped the back of Roland’s head and kissed him. “Don’t get tears on your waffles now.”
Roland laughed. “Yeah soggy waffles are gross.” He dabbed his eyes with the napkin. “Oh this is exciting! We can sleep together every night, and I can bring you tea in bed .. maybe not wearing anything..”
Tyge raised an eyebrow. “I would be very open to that idea.”
Roland smirked. “I bet you would. It’s going to be a long process to move in here but…I’m really happy Tyge. Thank you. Thank you so much.”
“No, Roland, the pleasure is mine.”
“More waffles?”
“Yes please!”

Text is fictional.


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