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I heard growling and came into the room. My pup was possessively defending his bowls from our cat, Prissy. I was surprised. Prissy didn’t care about anything besides when she was fed and the five minutes when she wanted to be petted a day. Yet, two days after I got a pup, it seems she had taken interest in the new addition to the family. Or in her mind, a new interloper in her territory. She clearly was not pleased that my pup was getting more food than her, and a nice big piece of chicken at that. 

I folded my arms and leaned against the wall, watching it unfold. Prissy came closer. Boxer growled. His tail wagged as a warning. Prissy looked at Boxer, then knocked over the water bottle I’d set there. Boxer looked astonished. I smothered a laugh behind my hand. He popped up, barking incessantly, and Prissy bolted. Despite the tail plug, Boxer went after her in a hurry. I found them in the next room, Boxer barking in front of the sofa, where Prissy was hiding underneath. 

I was wheezing from laughing so hard and had to pull Boxer away by his jockstrap. “Leave it! Leave it baby! Let her stay there.” He growled at her some more, then tossed his head high with a “hmph” and let me guide him back to his bowl. I mopped up the mess with a towel and Boxer ate the rest of his food in peace.

It wasn’t over though. Later that night, Boxer dumped his dinner water bottle on Prissy’s head. I only punished him a little. I admired his ability to not be outranked in this household by one stuck up cat.

Text is fictional. (This was a submission! Love it.)


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