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“Of all the things we could have done today…” he says with a contented sigh.
After a moment, I reply. “We could have gone for a walk.”
“Or gone to the movies,” 
“Gone hiking.”
“Day tripped to the beach.”
“Went to a museum.”
“Returned those books to the library.”
“Did laps at the pool.”
“Go for a run.”
“Volunteered at the cat shelter.”
“Got my oil changed in my car.”
“Spend too much time on Facebook.”
“Gone to the County Fair.”
“We’re still doing that next week right? With Jen and Rachel?”
“Oh yeah absolutely.”
“What else could we have done?”
“Gone to that new exhibit at the Annenberg.”
“Power washed the driveway.”
“Solved the drought crisis in California.”
“Stop global warming.”
“Cured Malaria.”
“Built an orphanage.”
“Figured out cold fusion.”
“Stopped the obesity epidemic.”
“Those are all good things,” he notes.
“Mmmhm. But we didn’t do any of them did we?”
“Nope, we stayed in and fucked this Saturday afternoon instead.”
“How was it?”
“Amazing,” he sighs again. “I love that you let me rest on pecs. You are so comfy.”
“You are a bit…heavy. Have you been bulking up at the gym?”
“Oh baby, you did notice!”
“Of course I did. I appreciate you wanting to better yourself, and if I must inconvenience myself by forcing myself to gaze upon your sculpted, naked male body, I will – even if I have to suffer for it.”
He giggles. “You know out of everything we just listed, the gym was the one thing I actually planned on doing today.”
“You going?”
“Nope. I got my work out.”
“I did most of the work,” I reminded.
“No no, you don’t understand. Today was the day I work out my ass.”
“So …good work out?”
“Great work out.”
“I’m glad we’re getting so much done today.”
“Me too. Can we cuddle more now?”
“See? Another thing we can cross off the list.”

Text is fictional.


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