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It’s his pussyboy masturbatory aid. I can’t even blame him for carrying one around as you never know when you might be gripped by an acute need to be full and once you accept that penetration is your truest pleasure one quickly finds fingers … insufficient.

“What the fuck is this?
Cody blushed and stammered. Oh shit! he thought. “Oh um. It’s my uh – well, it was just – I use it for-”
“I know what it’s used for,” Cody’s hot coworker snapped back. “Seriously though? You’re sticking such shitty cheap toys up your hole?”
“This is low quality porous plastic. I can smell it from here. How can you be sure this even gets cleaned well? No no no, you will not treat your pussy this way.”
Cody was too astonished to even say “uh” this time. His pussyboi side wanted to bend over and offer himself to Mick though, cause that bossy tone of voice was turning him on.
“You are going to go home tonight and buy some high quality toys tonight at Sinland, you got that boi?” Mick instructed.
“Yes Sir.”
“And proper lube which won’t degrade them.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Invest in yourself.” Mick threw the dildo in the trash with disgust. “Tomorrow morning you will come here and bring them with you. I now can’t trust now that you are using them right either.”
Cody’s eyes went wide. He had no idea Mick was such a dominant alpha. “I know how to use them,” he protested.
“I’ll be the judge of that. Can you trigger body quaking orgasms that will make your pussy happy for hours after?”
Cody gulped and shook his head sheepishly, hand on the back of his neck. “No…I just leak and leak…”
“A good pussyboi won’t even need to stroke himself to cum. You know that right?”
He did now. Cody nodded.
Mick scoffed. “You’re hard. What a surprise. You can thank me for correcting you by getting on your knees and sucking my dick now by the way.”
“Here?” Cody squeaked. “Someone could walk in.”
“So? What’s wrong with people seeing you in your natural state?” 

Cody did not have a rebuttal for that. Plus, he really did want to suck a cock right then. It was an easy decision to drop to his knees and worship Mick’s superiority from the locker room floor. His hungry pussy would have to wait to tomorrow.
Text is fictional.


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