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It sets back the schedule to take time to punish a work slave, but when a lapse in judgement results in broken materials and nearly injures another boy, there is no discussion – it must be done pronto. Truth is? Every slave makes this type of mistake twice. Smart ones make it once. The trick is not to get complacent, zone out, or get distracted, which can be difficult when one is made to do repetitive hard labor all day. A good slave knows to keep his mind as well as his hands busy and his attention focused. If not, he’ll at least have a reminder to be much more careful next time. At least no one had to go to the hospital this time, no one got hurt. Well, besides the slave boy but …really, now. It will sting, but a whipping doesn’t count as true hurt.

Not compared to the cane, anyway…

Gay captions.


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