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“Haha, take that you ants!”
I fold my arms. Well, the view is extra nice today…kid’s got a great body. Shame he’s wasting his gift pissing on everyone. He’s much better fit for porn. I walk up behind him with loud enough footsteps so he can hear me. The kid turns his head around just in time to see me – but not fast enough. I grab those big balls of his, hard, until he’s shouting.
“Hey! Hey stop! Ow! Let go of me ow!”
“What are you doing pissing off my building?”
“Fuck you man!” he howls. “I wasn’t doing anything!”
“I was watching you and there’s piss on the ledge.”
“Leave me alone! Ow!”
I sigh.
“You’re not the cops! Fuck off or I’ll call the real ones!”
I laugh. “And tell them what? You were exposed publicly? Peeing in public? And trespassing on the roof?”
“I live here!”
“Which apartment?”
The boy tries to pull free but can’t. He curses. “14…14B!”
“Wrong-o, punk-o. There is no apartment 14. The condos stop at 10. Also, I own this building.”
He groans. “Fuck just let me go man! I won’t do it again!”
I lick my lower lip. “No…no I don’t think so. I think you need some time in my discipline room.”

The kid gets still. “What…?”
“The room where bad boys go to get re-educated and turned into proper, obedient young men.”
“You’re a fucking psycho,” the kid growls, spitting. It misses.
“You’re the one peeing on innocent strangers,” I remind him. “And I also have your big beautiful balls in my grip. You are rather helpless. Don’t worry. I won’t castrate you. You are worth so much more to me when you’re horny and dripping…”
The kid’s eyes are wide. He knows for the first time in his life he’s about to receive punishment for all the shitty things he’s done. I love it.
I pull him along, despite his protests. “Don’t worry. I have the penthouse. You will love the view.”

Text is fictional.


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