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Master Abdul won’t stop staring at my slave. It’s making me crazy. I
admire my slave’s ability to not appear annoyed, but it not professional
for one man to be oggling another’s slave so shamelessly.

“Master Adbul,” I ask, popping a date into my mouth. “Are you here during this meeting or not?”
blinks, but manages to tear his eyes away. “My
apologies… just your boy, he is captivating. Where did you find him?”
auction. In Persia. A nomadic boy, captured in war times…so many stray men,
and not enough villages to go back to, unfortunately.”
“Doesn’t he resent you for that?”
chuckle and eat another date. “Goodness no. He is very loyal, because I
also bought his sick brother and gave him to my sister. She healed him. As long as he knows
where his twin is, he’s very obedient.”
Master Abdul chuckles. “Why on earth do you give in to a slave’s feelings? That’s what the whip is for.”
“What, so he’ll resent me more? I think not.”
Abdul did not like my answer. “Honestly, I think you should show the
boy that the world is cruel and unfair. The sooner he learns that the
Shah Mohammed speaks up. “Can we continue the meeting please?”
“Master Abdul,” I say, “He already experienced war. I think that’s cruel and unfair as is.”
“You should sell him to me…I would make him into an even finer slave.”
I scoff. “So you can fuck him and make him scrub your floors like a scullery maid just so you can watch his ass?”
He stands up, red in the face, “How dare you-”
Shah Mohammed stands up too. “Sit down.
Master Abdul, you’re acting a fool, openly coveting a man’s property
like that. How he trains his slaves is none of your business, and
jealousy is unsightly.”
Master Abdul grumbles and sits.

glance over at my boy. I can see the panic in his eyes, but not on his
face. He’s kept his position, his posture, his composure. My heart

We finish our meeting on taxes and then Master
Abdul excuses himself as quickly as he could, no doubt to find a whore
for the evening.

Shah Mohammed watches him go.
“Good heavens, he leaves such a bad taste in my mouth.”
“I have to agree… no manners, what so ever.”
My slave is busy making us a fresh pot of mint tea.

“Well, taxes are rather boring…maybe he wanted to escape that.”
Shah Mohammed chuckles. “Perhaps so.”
I sip the fresh cup handed to me. “Mmnn. Say, Shah…do you still like to watch?”
A smile curls under his mustache. “Oh very, very much so.”

I glance up at my slave. “Come here boy. Kneel before me. Please me.”
My slave does not flinch or hesitate. He simply passes me a cup of fragrant tea and kneels onto the soft carpet under my slippers.
“Any requests Sir?”
“Not too fast…take your time. Make me nice and hard.”
My slave parts my robes and finds my cock hidden inside. “Anything for you Sir,” he murmurs, nuzzling my thigh. His beard tickles my skin and one of my testicles. A moment later, he starts.
Across from me, Shah Mohammed sighs and sips his tea as he slides down into his seat. “Praise the heavens, that is a beautiful sight watching him suck you like that.”
I close my eyes and tilt my head back. “I’ll have to take your word on that, but let me tell you Shah, it feels marvelous.”

Text is fictional.


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