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I peer over my magazine. Oh my god he’s so adorable I might die. “Aww Rocket,” I coo.
He whines and paws at my leg.
“Oh I know, sweetheart, I know. Your bed is in the washing machine right now. You drooled and leaked cum and got muddy pawprints on it, it was gross. I had to wash it.”
Rocket whines some more and puts his chin on my lap. I scritch his head. “You can’t wait for your nap huh?”
Rocket shakes his head.
“Alright, I think once is OK.” I pat the sofa next to me. My pup emits a muffled bark and springs up. I lift my magazine out of the way so he can shuffle around and get comfortable. After a moment of kneading the cushions, he drops his blanket over my legs and flops down with his head on my lap. I chuckle. “Are you comfortable?”
My pup yawns but is wagging his tail.
“Good, good.” I pat his flank and lean back. “Now where was I in this article?” I twist my fingers into the hairs at the base of my Rocket’s neck and read my article. Soon I’m enjoying listening to the sounds of my pup breathing slowly as he sleeps contentedly on me.

Text is fictional


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