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“So uh, see you at school tomorrow?”
“Yeah, I guess you will,”
Rajeed responded, still grinning like an idiot. He cuffed his boyfriend
on the arm. Sam made a motion to go, but he stopped, and looked deep in
thought. “…Sam?”
Sam moved forward suddenly and kissed him. Rajeed
was awakened by the spark from the touch, and reciprocated with eager
lips and a seeking tongue. Kissin Sam was nice. It was beyond nice.
“Mmnn…mnnn…” he sighed softly. Rajeed was just melting into a nice
pre-arousal buzz when-

“Honey, are you home? I thought I heard – oh! Oh goodness, excuse me.”

“Mom!” Rajeed groaned and facepalmed at his mother’s interruption, turning bright red.
Sam giggled and waved sheepishly. “Hi Mrs. Mayar.”
“Hello Sam. Oh, I’m so sorry for um, interrupting you two.”
“It’s ok, I was just on my way out”
“Did you have a nice date?”
Rajeed rubbed the back of his red neck. “Yeah we did.”
Mrs. Mayar smiled. “So nice to see someone bring my shy boy out of the woodwork.”
Rajeed groaned again. “Mom, please.”

She held up her hands. “Ok ok, I’ll go. You two can finish making out.
“Oh my god, Mom-”
”But you really should stay for dinner Sam. I’m making curry.”
glanced at embarrassed Rajeed, and at his kiss-swollen lips. “That’s
very kind of you Mrs. Mayar. I have team practice in an hour but…I’ll
be plenty hungry after.”
She beamed. "Well come by, and I’ll feed you. Kitchen’s open late.”
"Will do, thank you.” Sam nodded at her, then thumbed Rajeed’s chin. “See you later ok?”
Rajeed said, watching the hottest jock he’d ever seen smile brilliantly
at him, then turn and go. “See you uh, later.” God, his butt looked
good in Levi jeans.
“I see why you like him,” Mrs. Mayar notes, “His butt looks good in those jeans.”

Text is fictional. The boys are Zane Porter and Dominic Santos, in this scene for Randy Blue.


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