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“Back straight. There we go. Great posture.”
“Thank you Sir.”
I nod, even though he can’t see it. “You know why you’re sitting there in a time out?”
“…for mouthing off?” Joel asks.
“Yes, good, boy. But that’s just it…you are still a boy. My boy. You’re young, in college. Life is full of hard work for you, but it’s still a time of play. I’m a man now. I’m all grown up, and play time has been taken up mostly by work. I know when I come home, you’re very eager to see me and you want to play. I know you’ve been waiting all day. So have I. Your waiting isn’t more or less worse than my waiting. Just because I need a minute to unwind, doesn’t mean you should get smart with me or say nasty, passive-aggressive things. It turns me off to hear ugly things come out of your pretty mouth. And forcing me to ravish you before I’m refreshed only cheapens it. You should be aware boy… I’m terrified of letting you down.”
“…Sir?” Joel asks softly, turning his head.
“Eyes forward,” I say gently.
Joel snaps his head forward and shifts a bit.

“I want to live up to your expectations. I know you’re a very horny boy. I know your pussy is hungry. I know how much you love my cock.”
“And how much I love you,” Joel adds softly.
I pause and sigh softly. Disciplining boys is sometimes so hard. “I love you too,” I say. “So much, it’s hard to imagine how I lived without you before. You know that. I just want to make sure when we are making love, that we’re both 100% on board, ready and eager. You’ll learn patience as you get older, Joel. I just have to nip this bossy, demanding behavior in the bud before you turn fully spoiled. That’s why you’re in time out. Next time you think of saying something impulsive and ugly, you’ll think of being in time out and how much you hate it.”

“Thank you Sir. You’re right. I don’t think clearly when I’m horny.”
I nod again, although Joel still can’t see me. “I think that’s hot by the way.”
“You do?”
“Yes. Means you need me, bad. I like that. I just…have to be a grown up man first sometimes, and your lover second. You know, for your own good.”

My boy’s shoulders relax. “Yes, for my own good. I’m seeing that now.”

“Good boy. You have fifteen more minutes in time out. You can cross your legs if your knees are cramping.”
“Fifteen?” Joel protests. “It was fifteen minutes when we started. Should be ten by now!”
“Well yes, but your hat reminded me. The San Francisco 49′ers beat the Colts in overtime last night due to the poor call by the ref on that fumble. You sided with the ref,” I reminded him.

Joel groaned, and I swallowed a laugh. Ok, being a grown-up could be fun sometimes.

Text is fictional. I think this is the OP.


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