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“Hey Jake, if you’re not too busy later, perhaps you could join us on the beach. We’re having a barbeque, and watching the fireworks they’re setting off on the other side of the bay.”
I tried to focus on the words he was saying and not just the perfect mouth attached to the beautiful face they were coming out of. “Um. Yeah, sure, I’d like that. Are you sure I won’t be intruding with all your friends though?”
Sven pulled down his red swim shorts and out popped the most roundest butt I had ever seen. My jaw dropped. “You’re not intruding at all. Come by later. We’ll have fun.” He then winked, pulled his pants off, and jogged to the sand. “Happy 4th, Jake!”

I stood there, looking pithed. Suddenly, I couldn’t remember what my other plans were for this evening…

Text is fictional, source is below.


Mick Lovell, photographed for Bel Ami. (Link nsfw.)


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