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BWAHAHAHA, a trick every Sir should use on their house boy.

Norton sighed. He was really supposed to clean the house today. He just didn’t feel like it. He liked being a houseboy, but sometimes he just came down with a case of the lazies. It didn’t help that his chastity cage was bothering him. Tonight was the night he was supposed to be milked and cleaned in the bath, and the minutes were just dragging on until his boyfriend came home from work. A part of him suspected that if the tub wasn’t cleaned, he wasn’t going to get relief, but he just didn’t feel like cleaning it. Norton sighed. Having the perfect life was so problematic sometimes.

He scratched an itch on his side. Norton was allowed two snacks a day to keep his weight down, and he decided to take one now, although it was early. Where were the rice krispy treats? Marshmallows and sugar would make him feel better. Perhaps he’d just watch some TV until the sugar kicked in and gave him some energy.

Norton found the box in the pantry, but frowned when he picked it up. It was light. How could that be? It was half full yesterday. He peered inside and that’s when he found the note.

“Oh goddammit,” he muttered, cross that Adam had outsmarted him. Adam had been so good for him, but Norton couldn’t deny that sometimes the things he did for Norton’s own good, he kind of hated. He loved having shed the extra pounds, and a part of Norton was touched that Adam made him did those hard things because he cared for him, but it was hard to feel endeared when you were feeling lazy, horny, and denied junkfood.

Norton grumbled and tossed the box in the recyclebin. It was overflowing, and the box slid to the floor.
“Goddammit,” Norton said again. “Well, I guess I should at least take the recycles out. That’s really not hard.” He hefted the plastic bag out of the bin with a grunt. When it slid free of the container, Norton realized there was something at the bottom of the bin, under the bag. There it was, in its shiny blue wrapper, was a rice krispy treat.

“No way… he didn’t.“ Norton picked it up and examined it in his hands. It was real. He tore open the packaging and took a big bite. “Oh my god,” he moaned. “These are so fucking good. Why are these so good?” As he ate it, Norton eyed the bag of recycleables. The box of treats in the pantry had been empty. So where had they all gone? “Oh…don’t tell me….”

On a hunch, Norton padded over to the kitchen sink and opened the double doors to the area where the cleaning supplies were kept. Wedged between the Windex and the 409, was another rice krispy treat.
“Oh Adam, you clever, clever bastard!” Norton heard himself laugh. “He knows me waaay too well.” He recalled a series of books he read as a little boy, about a Victorian family, and in one story a mother hid pennies around the house to make sure her children cleaned in all the right spots. It was just like that, except delicious delicious junk food.

And it turned out, it wasn’t just rice krispy treats. On the top of a pile of towels, he found a bite-size Mounds bar. In the washer in the laundry room, he found a Toostie Roll pop. Behind the dusty television, he found a small packet of M&Ms. Norton tore the house apart, and in the end was rewarded with a nice pile of candy to horde away for frustrating days.

When Adam came home to a clean house and a nice meal waiting for him. Norton greeted him with affection and love. He gave lots of kisses and was assured he would get his bath after dinner.

After dinner though, Adam asked Norton to polish his shoes before they took a bath. Norton was exhausted, but agreed since Adam put the dishes in the dishwasher. Norton went to the garage and was a tad disappointed when he pulled out the shoe cleaning box and found nothing fun inside of it. He polished the right shoe first, as he’d been taught. When he went to polish the left shoe, he heard something rattling inside. Norton turned the shoe over onto his hand, and onto his palm, fell the key to chastity device.

It was just then that he heard Adam turn on the bath water upstairs.

Text is fictional.


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