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I glance up at Mark. “Oh hey handsome, what’s up?” I put my book down and we share a kiss.
“Bookmark your place, we gotta go.”
I slip a receipt into the spot where I stopped and furrow my brow. “Go where…?”
Mark’s grinning so hard that all his teeth are on display. “The courthouse.”
I blink. “….Babe, I don’t understand – why?”
He takes my hand and places something cool in it. When I open it, I see it’s a ring. I gasp.
Travis County is allowing gay couples to get married today. And…and I know you told me before, how important it was to you to get married, but you never liked the showy ways people propose to each-other. So I’m asking you.. Ramos T. Vargas-” Mark comes around to the front of the sofa and gets on one knee -”if you’ll come to the courthouse and marry me today, on this landmark day. I can’t imagine – no, because there isn’t anyone else in this whole world I want to be married to more than you. You are my everything.”
“Oh my god baby. Oh my god.” I stare at the ring which is quickly going blurry. “Are you serious?”
“Absolutely. By dinner tonight, we could Mr. and Mr. Hernandez.”
I feel a ragged shudder leave my lungs. “Oh my god baby. Look at this band… it’s so beautiful…” I squeak and dissolve into tears. “Yes yes yes yes yes. I’ll marry you. Let’s go do it! Let’s go get married.”

“Jesus christo, thank you Ramos. Thank you” Mark is biting his lip hard to keep his emotions in check as he slides the ring onto my trembling fingers. We share a deep kiss flavored with the tears running down my face.
“Oh my god,” Mark sniffles. “I’m so happy you said yes.” He picks up the tissue box and we share it.
I chuckle and kiss him again. “This is exactly how I wanted you to ask me too. Love makes you do crazy, spur of the moment things.”
we kiss again. ”Cause I know you, like no one else does. Come on, let’s go pick out something nice to wear, real quick. The line’s gonna be long at the courthouse. I want to make sure we get in.”
“Should we call our parents?” I ask, lovingly inspecting the band.
Mark thinks. “Let’s wait until we get the certificate. Then we ask Janie to take some nice photos in the park. We can send them those.”
“Sounds great.” I can’t stop grinning now either. Today went from bland to bliss in less than five minutes. It was a good day to be gay in Texas. “Race you upstairs!”

Text is fictional. YAY gay marriage being legal in the US now!!


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