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“…JJ, are you ok?”
“Uh huh.”
“You don’t look ok.”
“I’m exhausted.”
“What have you been doing today?”
“I went to Pride with Stevie.”
“Oh so you did go?”
“Yeah Thom…I heard there was gonna be a lot of dicks, so I went.”
“Did you see dicks?” I ask.
“Uh huh. I saw a lot of dicks. All these hot guys were all giving me these fruity drinks. I partied waaaayyy too hard. You should have gone.”
“JJ,” I tsk. “You know I’m a private homosexual. I don’t flaunt. I prefer a nice port and a book of Basho’s poems.”
“You are so stuffy.”
“You are such a twink” I shoot back
“You’re still my best friend.”
“I know, I know.” I fold my arms. “If it helps, your butt looks fantastic. All those squats are paying off.”
“You wanna fuck me, Thom?”

I laugh. “JJ how can you think of sex? I thought you were exhausted.”
“I am. But I’m horny….thinking of all those hot guys today,” he groans.
“You didn’t get laid?”
“No, I was too busy keeping an eye on Stevie because you know the trouble he gets into when he’s horny.”
“Uh huh.”
“You sure you don’t wanna fuck me?”
“Mm. We haven’t done that in a while.”
“Fuck mee…” he begs, his voice muffled into the mattress.
I smile. There’s a reason we’ve been best friends since I moved in with him.

“Alright. I’ll take you up on it.”
“Yay.” He says.
I try not to giggle at the flat tone of his voice. JJ still hasn’t moved an inch.

I remove my clothing and fetch the right things – the lube, a wet cloth, a dry cloth, and condoms. JJ doesn’t say anything as I settle on the bed and sit next to his thighs.
“You awake?”
“Uh huh. Very much. Just not moving.”
“Good, good.” I clean him with a wet wipe, and then begin to massage his ass, kneading the big buns with my hands. I move up JJ’s back until he’s groaning. I work my way back down and then part his legs.
“You have such big balls, JJ, how on Earth do you carry those every day?”
JJ snorts. “Well, I wear three pairs of underwear to hold em up,” he jokes.
I chuckle and pinch his butt. “Goofball.”

I drizzle lube over his butt like syrup on pancakes.
“What are you doing with all that lube?” JJ mutters. “It’s cold.”
“I’ll heat you up soon enough.”
“Mmm.” JJ says, satisfied.

I slip on finger rubbers and begin the slow process of stretching and scissoring. Soon JJ can’t help not acting like potato and soon he begins to vocalize. The deeper I push my digits, the louder he groans and starts to wiggle his hips. “God that feels sooo good.”

When I push on his prostate, he groans and arches his back a little. “More~” he pleads.
I push my digits in and out of JJ’s hole which is loosening around me. I slide a third finger in and JJ hasn’t been quiet in several minutes. I realize the reason why he’s wiggling is that he’s trying to rub his cock against the bed. I place my other hand on the base of his spine. “Hold still, JJ,” I coo.
“But feelsgood…” he mutters.
I stroke the back of his balls with my clean hand. He moans loud and I smother a laugh. “You’re ready for me?”
“Hell yeah…fuck me. I’m ready. I’m so relaxed. You’re the best roommie ever.
“We do get along pretty well,” I agree.

I discard the finger rubbers and slide a real one over my red, straining cock. It wants JJ’s ass. I straddle his shiny backside and position my cock right at his hole. I sigh in delight when his body does not resist at all. He opens up and pulls me in to his tight body.
“Very nice,” I say. “How do you feel?”
JJ cries out in need under me. “Don’t stay still – move. Fuck me, fuck meee~”
“Ok ok,” I reply. 

I shift my weight and thrust into him hard. JJ gasps. “Yes!”

I pull his hips up and set a familiar, traditional rhythm – in and down, out slow, in and down, out slow. JJ and I are soon crying out together. I push into his prostate and move his cock against the texture of the sheets, and he is loving being full of me. I’m sweating and grunting from the effort, because I want more of him with every motion.

“I’m coming!” JJ shouts, startling me, because his tone is loud and clear. His body goes very tight around me and he pushes his butt up to swallow all of me he can. I dig my fingers into his hips and bury myself balls deep into that hungry ass. JJ really did need a fucking. I can smell his cum as it pools under him. I feel a bit of pride in knowing I made him come hands-free.

“My turn,” I announce. He’s so tight! So hot! And suddenly my cum is pouring out of me, filling the condom. My head spins as the orgasms overwhelms. My breath hitches and I keen loud. “JJ! Oh lord JJ! …oh JJ you feel so good.”

“I can feel you fill the condom,” he replies. “So hot.”
“Did that hit the spot?”
“Mmhmm…” JJ hums. “I’m …I need a nap now,” he replies, matter of factly.
“Poor baby, you’re exhausted,” I tease.
“My life is hard,” he agrees with a yawn.

I pull out and JJ whines. “No, put it back~”
“Can’t. You made me all soft.” I pat his butt and tie off the condom. “Maybe later.”
“Ok…later…” and then JJ’s gone. He begins to snore.

I snort. It’s uncharacteristic. JJ cracks me up, I’m just not very emotive. I clean JJ up with a warm cloth and then place a blanket over him so he can sleep.

I go to shower and have some more port. One day, JJ will grow up and get ready to settle, and I will be waiting. For now, I am happy to stand back and let him live his twenties to the fullest. I do enjoy listening to all of his adventures with Stevie, but mostly because he won’t end up with Stevie. I’m sure of it.

Text is fictional. It’s gay pride weekend here in Los Angeles!


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