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“…Uh, um, excuse me, Sir?” a young male voice asks, hesitantly.
I‘m too comfortable to consider moving. “What?” I grunt.
“Oh!” He gasps. “I uh, thought you were dead Sir. I was concerned.”
I chuff out a laugh, then lift my head and open my eyes. “I guarantee you I’m  very much alive, boy.” I consider the concerned citizen, a cute brunette clutching a towel around his waist and holding a bottle of water.
The young man brushes his bangs to the side. “Well in that case, do you mind if I join you?’“
“Aren’t there other pools?”
“Yeah but this is the only one with a bear in it,” he replies.
I open my eyes again. I watch him run his tongue over his bottom teeth. He’s got this coy look to his eyes. He sees something he likes and isn’t afraid to go after it.
“Is that how it is?” I reply, not having moved a muscle.
“Unless you prefer this otter get his own pool..”
“mmn. Trust me, the water is best in this one. It’s so cold.”
The young man sets his water bottle down. “Good, cause I’m fucking baking out here.” He drops his towel and I enjoy the view.
“Get in here.”
He smiles, then walks around to the side and slips into the pool. He gasps as the cold water shocks his nervous system.
“Dick go back inside?” I ask, chuckling.
“Why don’t you find out?”
“I imagine I will.”
The young man moves over to me. “My name’s -”
“Don’t care. Let’s not complicate this. Just two men…out here in nature. Nothing else out here has a name. Rock. Shrub. Sky. Kinda serene if you ask me.”
The young man’s quiet. “Yeah…when you put it that way, I gotta agree with you.”
I raise up an arm and he slides under it, resting his head on my hairy chest. I hook my arm around his back.
“Mmn, this is nice,” he murmurs.
I grunt in response.

After a few moments, he starts playing with my penis. I groan out in pleasure. It’s too cold in here for me to cum, but I never tell him to stop. Jesus, just when I thought this day couldn’t get any better….

When I woke up later, the otter was gone. For a moment, I felt a pang of loneliness, then one of concern. I reached for my wallet, under my clothes. The $20 bill in it was missing, but in place was a note written on a leaf. “If you want this back, call me.”

“Fuck.” I toss my wallet back down and grab my towel. “Sneaky otters. That boy wants my dick badly and he won’t stop until I give it to him. Well, let him find out what happens when a bear goes into heat!”

Text is fictional.


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