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I know you’re a fag, I know I shouldn’t like it so much, but damn, you give the best head I’ve ever had, and this tight little hole back here is making me think that if you fuck half as good as you suck, I’m gonna be moving you in.

Finally! I thought you couldn’t be any thicker! I mean, you think I give good head just because I’m a mindless faggot that goes totally blank at the sight of an unsucked cock – and yeah, that part’s true – but I don’t suck dick like this for anyone. I really like your cock, but there’s no way for me to tell you this without you thinking it’s a blanket statement. Your cock gets harder than any other penis I’ve played with, and it’s so easy for me to deepthroat it and really put my tongue to work. Plus, you grow so much it’s easy to keep my hand and my lips busy. It makes me feel so slutty, so powerful, to go all out for you. You have a dick that’s so easy to worship, that I will never get tired of it. And don’t even get me started on your balls.

On top of that, you’re considerate. Some alphas are pretty rude, but us fags are used to that. They don’t want to get too close to ‘gayness’. You though, you drive me crazy gently petting my hole like that. I always have to suck you shirtless or else I’d just sweat right through it. Every touch makes me tremble, and it makes my cock throb so hard. My pants are always soaked when I’m done servicing you.

Once you fuck me, I know you’re going to have difficulty wanting me to even leave even to do errands. It just won’t seem right that I’ll be sleeping elsewhere from then on. Once you fuck me, you’ll know that no one can care for your dick or your sexual needs like I can. Every other boy will be a replacement for me. Every faggot is up for adoption – don’t forget that. I want to come home to you too.

Text is fictional. Good boy.


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