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I watch Esteban sigh, toss, then turn. My eye rests on his rump before considering the bigger picture.
“What’s wrong? Did I not satisfy you?” I ask my oldest and dearest friend.
“No no, not at all. Your blowjobs are fantastic, each one better than the last. I’m just…restless, I think. Normally, your wonderful mouth makes me drowsy and I have the most wonderful naps sometimes. I just – I don’t know. I can’t sit still. I can’t relax. I want to nap, but can’t slow my brain.”
I furrow my brow. Now this was a challenge. I prided myself in filling all of his needs. My mother had been his family’s housegirl when I was growing up, and her son – me – became attached to the Gonzalez’s second son, Esteban. We were, and always would be, inseparable.
As I enjoy the sight of him shirtless, it dawns on me. “I know just the thing.”
“Oh?” Esteban asks, turning his face toward me.
“Spread out, face down,” I instruct. Rest your cheek on your arms.”

I wait for Esteban to get into position, then I climb into his bed and straddle the back of his legs.
“What are you going to do?”
I don’t answer him. Instead I reach forward and rake my nails down his back.
He arches up under me and groans. “Oh my god backscratches, yesss.”
I suppress a laugh and end up snorting out my nose. He always liked these as a little kid, but for some reason it’s not something people do as adults. I start at his shoulder blades, and scritch his upper arms, before returning to his upper back and working my way down his spine. I admire this rare view of him, and enjoy the sight of his muscle and bones and the shadows it casts on his sandy skin.

Under me Esteban is grunting and moaning. “Yeaah that feels so good.”
I smile, pleased with myself. I always know what he wants. It is my responsibility, more than anything else in the world to carry on the tradition – his family, my family, the symbiosis we share. 

When he begins to squirm with sensitivity, I change technique to a muscle rub. By the time I make my way downward to knead his firm doughy ass, Esteban has drifted off in a nap. I massage his balls for a moment, unable to help myself, and then I let him rest. Another challenge, another accomplishment – another scene of satisfaction. Esteban is getting the rest he needs.

I feel energized though. I decide to go make him some cookies for when he awakes.
Text is fictional.


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