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Note: This somehow became a looong detailed story, so I’ll put a TL;DR summary at the end. =P


You know, it’s been a while since I wrote something more extensive about how bf and I are progressing with our kink journey, so I thought it’d be time for a bit of an update. Especially because after our trip to London, my boyfriend has been more dominant and experimental than ever and today’s activities really show how we (but mostly my bf) seem to be taking certain things to the next level. I’ll explain…

My boyfriend told me that he wanted to give me a special day this Sunday, because we didn’t really got to celebrate my birthday yet. I thought he’d go for a night at the cinema or some shopping or dinner activities, but when he took his rubber suit on Saturday evening to wash and prepare it for the day after, I knew he was up to something different. Every time he had worn his rubber, resulted in some serious sub play for me. Clamps, foot worship, spanking and throatfucking are just a few examples…

So this morning, even before we got out of bed, he asked me if I wanted to play ‘the first game’. Apparently there were more to come and my mind went in overdrive trying to figure out what he had in store for me today. Of course I wanted to play – breakfast could wait – and he took his shiny rubber suit. I watched how he got dressed which was a tease on its own. Then bf took the handcuffs and the open gag which he both locked on me. With the chain collar and chastity I’ve been wearing relatively permanently the past week, I was now only wearing lockable gear which enhanced the sensation of utter submissiveness. He locked the cuffs behind my back before undoing the CB so I couldn’t touch myself. I quickly got hard, and it didn’t took him long to get me teased, frustrated and dripping. He made me hump some things, he spanked me fairly lightly and played a lot with my nipples, which got me moaning and drooling through my gag. Bf wasn’t focussing on my dick at all, until he came back from the bathroom with an object I mainly recognised from bf’s experimentation with sounding. My eyes widened and I moaned a bit in my gag. I never said sounding is a limit for me, but it definitely scares me as I couldn’t imagine it being comfortable, let alone enjoyable. Bf removed the gag and asked if I was ok with it. I hesitated, but I knew he would be sensible enough to not hurt me and to stop when I would ask him to. ‘Sure’, I said as I closed my eyes and laid back with my hands still cuffed behind my back. I tried to relax and focus on the sensation that was about to come. Bf took some lube and to my surprise I felt the tiny smooth plastic handle (I don’t know how to describe it otherwise) slide in without much friction. In my head I was telling myself it couldn’t be that bad, as people get catheterisations all the time without any analgetics, but it didn’t help much, haha. I didn’t dare to watch, but I was relieved there was not much pain on the initial entry. Bf asked if I was doing ok, reapplied lube, and started moving the thing up and down, slooowly going deeper. Or at least I think he went deeper, because I didn’t watch. At some point there was a bit of burning sensation which wasn’t that comfortable.. So I asked bf to stop and he did. When he tried again, I noticed how the first bit just feels a bit weird, but rather enjoyable. The pain only comes when he pushed further. We played for ten minutes before we decided it was enough for my first sounding experience. I got up and bf showed me how he took the object’s full 7 cm which was impressive actually… I asked bf how deep he was in when he sounded me, but he didn’t tell me. ‘It doesn’t matter how many centimeters you took, it’s about the sensation’, he said. He’s right, but I still wanna know. =P
Game one was over. Bf played some annoying music to get me soft (a new technique he uses XD), locked the CB back on and ordered me to make us some sandwiches for breakfast, which I happily did.

Short after our breakfast he told me to stand in front of the bed if I was ready for part 2. Again I had no idea what to expect, but when he took the long nylon bondage rope I knew what he was up to. With the 15 meters of rope he tied an improvised body harness that fitted snugly around my chest. While tying the last knot he said: ‘I hope it’s secure enough, because we’ll be wearing our naughty suits under our clothing when we’ll be going out this afternoon.’ That was a surprise! I’ve been wearing naughty stuff under my clothes all the time (plugs, undies, chastity, collars and even a rope harness!) but I never expected my bf to be daring enough to wear his rubber in public, even when it’s hidden.
So, about fifteen minutes later we headed out to the bus. Bf with his rubber under his clothes and me with my rope harness, chastity and fairly visible chain collar. The harness was exactly uncomfortable enough to be a constant reminder of our kinky secret. I also liked to stroke bf’s chest and legs through his clothes. I was leaking in my pants just from the experience. We spend a few hours in the city centre eating some cake, drinking tea and shopping a bit before heading back home. I held my pee as long as I could because I was afraid it’d burn like hell after the sounding experiment, but after drinking some tea I couldn’t hold it… and thank god I didn’t feel a thing! XD

Back home we had dinner while still wearing rope and rubber under our clothes. We talked about kinks and mainly pup play. One of the subjects was pup names. Bf already came up with a few names last week which weren’t really my taste (Arak or Zeus for example) and he wasn’t enthusiastic about my names either (Chase or Pepper for example) so we were somewhat on a dead end. Then out of nowhere bf came up with another name: Nobly. I liked it! It sounds happy, it’s unique, it’s short and cute, plus bf thinks nobility fits me. Out of the name list we had I think Nobly is the name we like best together. Soooo it’s kinda official now! ^^ I love how my boyfriend still does his best to give pup play a chance, because he sees how much it means to me (and other pups) and how happy it makes us. I told him he shouldn’t force himself outside of his comfort zone, but the fact he came up with a pup name really is a small step in the right direction and I can’t describe how much I appreciate that in him. =)

Anyhow, after this intermezzo, it already was late in the evening. Bf planned a round three for me, so he ordered me to take a shower and lay on the bed naked. (Which for me means: Just wearing my CB and chain collar.) Bf untied the ropes, grinned at the mark patterns it caused on my chest and back and sent me to the bathroom. Half an hour later I laid down on the bed, when bf entered the room in his rubber. He climbed on top of me, reached down in my night stand and took out the magic wand with a big smirk on his face. ‘Guess who’s not going to come?!’ He waved the magic wand triumphantly around my CB. He gave my nipples – which were incredibly sensitive today – some attention and slowly worked the vibrator down to my straining cock. Every time he got the wand on the cage my cock fought against his plastic confinement, crying drops of precum. After fifteen minutes of edging and teasing bf gave me an offer. ‘Either you stay locked, but I’ll let you cum by the magic wand. Or I’ll take off the CB and you won’t be allowed to cum.’ It was a tough decision. I’ve had in cage orgasms before, which are always kinda unsatisfying. Plus I imagine my boyfriend could easily make it a ruined one by removing the wand on the moment supreme. On the other hand, he rarely had the self control to not let me cum, as he likes it too much seeing me squirm and scream during an orgasm after a lot of teasing. He might fail again, so I decided to go for unlocking without the permission to cum.
So, bf unlocked me and put the vibrator on the exact right spot, driving me to the edge in no time. Fortunately bf knows how to read and interpret my moaning and breathing, so he perfectly knows when to stop which made this edging session one of the most intense I’ve ever had. Stroking, palming, vibrating.. for at least half an hour the stimulation just kept going and going. My boyfriend only stopped for a few seconds every time I gasped for air, which is my body’s sign an orgasm is coming verrrry quickly. Stop and go, stop and go… with just seconds rest in between I became a horny, moaning mess in no time. There were a few times I even regretted my decision and wished for an in cage orgasm, especially when bf got me do close he could edge me using just one finger that lightly and slowly went up and down. Our neighbours must’ve enjoyed the vocals bf was able to get out of me. Apparently my moaning turned bf on as well, because he started to use the magic wand on himself while jerking me off and vice versa. Fuck that was hot. I couldn’t think straight anymore, but I remember I was hoping bf would get so lost in his masturbation, that he’d accidentally cause me to have an orgasm. But no. He came and I didn’t. Just as he planned. He let me lap up the mess from his belly before we cuddled each other. ‘You might get another chance next week’, he said. I sighed and gave him my puppy eyes look… like I really regretted choosing not to cum. But deep down I know I made the best choice. I looove this and it makes me realize I’m the luckiest boy on earth being able to experience this with someone who I can call my Master aaaand my boyfriend.


Too long to read? Here’s a quick summary:
Bf is in a very dominant mood lately. I’ve been wearing my CB and chain collar constantly. This morning I got my first sounding experience, which wasn’t bad at all. We went out in public wearing rubber (bf) and a rope harness (me) under our clothes this afternoon. We decided that my pup name will be Nobly! *wooff* This night bf edged the heck out of me, without letting me cum and he locked me back up for another week.

I’m just so happy that gayboykink has found someone long-term to go on a kink journey with, and that each boy in the relationship is taking the other a step further. If living vicariously through the happiest loving couple in the Netherlands is wrong, I don’t want to be right.


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