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“Congrats, you passed your Chem mid-term, read ahead on your English assignments, and you re-registered your car. You have been such a good boy this week, I think you definitely deserve my cock.”
Heath licks his lower lip, involuntarily. “Really? Really really? Been thinkin’ about it so much lately…”
I begin to undo my pants. “Hell yeah. Big prize for a good boy. Hell, you are a totally different boy than the one I met three weeks ago, drunk in a gay bar a night before your mid-terms, harassing men way out of your league, barely passing his classes… and what was the other thing?”
“Living on junk food,” he admits, sheepish.
“Yes, that. So amazing, the power the little device around your cock has. Kind of scary to think your free cock has such power over you.”
Heath shifts back and forth on his feet. “May I suck you now? Please?” he begged.
“Yes yes, sorry…just waxing nostalgic.” I move my hand to my wrist.
Heath interrupts me. “No. I mean, please, leave it on.”
I raise an eyebrow. “You like when it’s on?”
“Yeah,” he admits, looking every more impatient, “Cause it makes you look rich and respectful, and I find it kind of hot to serve a man with status. Plus you know, I love a man that feels confident enough to look fully dressed wearing only his underwear and his watch.”
I chuckle under my breath. “I love when you talk about me that way, but boy, you don’t make any kind of sense when you’re horny. Get on your knees now, and don’t come up until you’re rational again.”
“Yes sir! It…might be a while Sir.”
I smile at Heath and cuff him behind the neck. “Take your time.”

Text is fictional


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