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“Hey there. Are you Donovan?”
“Yeah are you Ken?”
“Yep. I’m your Ubyr driver. Get in.”
Donovan flashed a brilliant smile and got in. “God love your car.”
Ken glanced at him. He could hear a distinct lisp. “Thanks man, refurbished it myself.”
“I’m not really into cars. I should be. I’m kind of a shame to men everywhere, I’m really such a queen.”
“Ain’t nothing wrong with that,” Ken insisted. “I pick up a lot of gay guys from this part of town – but usually at night. Not during the day.”
Donovan shifted in his seat, unable to pry his eyes off the hottest Ubyr driver he’d ever seen. He was scruffy on the chin but well groomed above. Every hair on his eyebrows and head looked effortlessly in place. His chin was a perfect piece of stone, much like the slate slabs of his chest. Donovan thought the company who made that shirt should pay him to model it. He realized Ken was eyeing him too.

“Oh um,” Donovan said, flushing a little. “Sorry. Yeah I usually am here at night too. I had to pick-up a paycheck. If I pick-it up at night, it tends to get lost. I’m a dancer, so uh, no pockets you know.”
Ken was interested. “Dancer? Like…on the box dancer?”
“Yeah,” he admitted. “I know, I’m such a slut. But what can I say? I love the tiny underwear, the attention, the music. And the men. Oh god the men!
Ken grinned. “The men and the money are good?”
“You get to see the other dancers naked?”
“All the time!” Donovan replied with a laugh. “It’s a sausage factory. So many beautiful men. Shame though, the club doesn’t allow us to have relationships with other dancers. God sometimes by the end of my shift I’m so goddamn horny -” he suddenly quit talking and the red hue on his cheeks deepened. “Sorry I don’t know why I’m telling you this.”
“No no,” Ken insisted, taking a turn. “I like hearing about it. I’m into guys too you know.”
“Oh really?” Donovan nearly dropped the bottle of water he was taking out of his satchel.
"Mm. Hence why I’m in this area all the time. Lotta hot boys.”

A lady cut in front of them, and the topic changed to the sheer amount of bad drivers in Los Angeles. As Ken steered the car toward Donovan’s gym, a silence settled in. Donovan sniffed the air. It was a faint smell, but it was hard to deny. It smelled familiar, a bit sour, a bit like sweat. “Do you smell that?” he asked.
To his surprise, Ken blushed. “Ah…shit.”
“It’s me,” he admitted , running his fingers through his hair. “You’re smelling me. Don’t laugh, but I got this massive hard on right now. Been having one all day cause I didn’t wank off this morning. It’s just sitting there in my shorts, and now it’s leaking everywhere from just what you told me. I’m sorry, this must be such an awkward Ubyr ride for you.”

Donovan was stunned. He could smell the scent more distinctly now. Rich, peaty. Moist. It made his own cock stir. He found it distracting to be sitting next to a man so obviously aroused. “No no, not too awkward. I mean – it’s just cock. We both have one…I mean…” they stopped at a red light. “Would you like me to relieve it?’
Ken shot him a look. “What? Really?”
“Sure,” Donovan said a little coyly. “I like cock. You are a hot looking guy who needs his cock serviced. I don’t suppose you take those kinds of tips?”
Ken had trouble keeping the car straight as he drove. “I- I would be down for that.”

Donovan didn’t need a second to reconsider. He nodded eagerly. Ken unsecured his pants with one hand and gave Donovan access. Donovan snaked his hand down there and gasped when his fingers touched the thick snake coiled between Ken’s thighs. It was searing hot and very wet. His underwear was soaked, the exposed tip covered in a web of sticky pre-cum which was also smeared over the long set of balls laying underneath.
“Goddamn,” he gasped.
“Ohhh shit,” Ken replied hoarsely. When Donovan wrapped his palm over him, he ejaculated by default. Donovan squeaked. “Oh wow, you just shot out a waterfall.”
“Shit! Sorry, I didn’t mean to cum, I just – I told you I was horny,” he stammered. “Felt so good just for you to touch it, I just lost it.”

“Pull over,” Donovan begged. He wanted to get in there with his tongue.
Ken turned down a side street and found a piece of curb. Ken threw back his seat and Donovan pushed his pants open, and his underwear aside. The scent rose to meet him, making his own cock harden in his pants. This man needed care. It was a pretty cock, thick and hearty too and Donovan wanted it. He dipped his head and licked at the base of it, cleaning the mess off the root and public hair.
“Holy fucking crap,” Ken exclaimed.
Donovan tried not to snicker. He loved getting this reaction from his partners. He knew the meter was running, but he still took his time cleaning Ken’s cock with kitten licks. It was half soft and in no time at all, Donovan had coaxed it up to full hardness. It was only then did he fix his lips around the head and slide them down to the base. Ken twisted his finger’s in Donovan’s hair, groaning in disbelief.

He watched in a daze as Donovan bobbed his tawny head, sucking enthusiastically. He couldn’t resist thrusting up into him as the orgasm encroached.
“Yeah yeah, lick it – aaahhh good, fuck your mouth is so hot.” Ken twisted his fingers in the hem of Donovan’s shirt.
Donovan hummed his approval and that sent Ken over the edge. He cried out and thrusted up hard, pushing his cock down Donovan’s throat. He emptied his balls straight into his stomach.
Donovan did not seem to be disturbed about his second orgasm – he didn’t flinch or gasp or choke, he just diligently nursed the swollen flesh and cleaned up its mess. He had a death grip on Ken’s thigh though. Donovan’s pulled his mouth off of Ken’s twitching cock, and his velvety tongue drifted away from the shaft, down to the balls. He drew each into his mouth, bathing it in attention, before sucking on the sac.
Ken listened to his own breath hitch as he watched Donovan give him such wonderful pleasure. Normally blowjobs were done hastily, often in shady areas like the back of bars or in the lobby of apartment buildings. Donovan was a talented one, with a real love of dick. A rare gem.

“Holy fuck,” Ken said again. “You are fucking amazing at that.”
Donovan chuckled. “Natural born talent. Also, your cum is delicious. What did you do to it?”
“I – I don’t eat processed foods?”
“Mmn.” Donovan wiped his lips on the back of his hand. “I’m gonna want that again.”
“You want my phone number?” Ken quickly offered.
“Hell yeah I do!”
Ken gave his number and Donovan put it in his phone. They reclined back in the seats and relaxed for a minute.

“Shit,” Ken said, “The Ubyr meter is still running isn’t it?”
Donovan shrugged. “I don’t mind. I’m still going to the gym after this.”
“You must have my energy cause you drained me of mine. Hey…” Ken eyed the bulge in Donovan’s shorts. “Want me to take care of you now?”
“Mmm I’d like that. I’d like that a lot. You are a very good Ubyr driver. Five stars for sure.”

Text is fictional. Source NA. I felt weird writing Uber or Lyft porn, so I invented a fictional ride-sharing company for the sake of it.


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