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Look-outs were the worst. It was you, alone, in this old blue car parked a crumbling curb in some shitty neighborhood. Ace would go inside and negotiate deals on territory so his dealers didn’t get shanked for being on the wrong corners. Ace’s business was growing; he recently inherited a bunch of territory in a compromise deal. Cabrini liked that. It meant more money for him and for his expensive toys. Electronic toys. Toys with motors. Toys that made things explode. Yet sometimes he felt a bit like Ace’s dumb watchdog, sitting out here in the car while Ace went off and did all this shady bullshit. He smoked his cigarillo and gazed out across the empty suburban street at the ramshackle houses tucked behind huge trees. With a cul-de-sac behind him, he only had to watch in one direction.

It was 2 pm on a Tuesday. There was no one here. He sighed and tapped his ashes on the ground. Boring boring boring. Soon they would hit the forty minute mark. At least Cabrini had one thing going for him. Ace had left his faggot in the car too. He didn’t know much about him, just that he was some drug runner from Ace’s original outfit that had fucked up in some way. Ace had found much better use for him as a faggot, and the boy seemed quite content with that. Cabrini had asked him about that once and he shrugged and said, “Well I still have all my teeth.”

That he did. Cabrini knew this for sure because he liked to help himself to Ace’s faggot once in a while. Ace never explicitly said he couldn’t, but he would have been an idiot to not know this was going on. Besides, it wasn’t like Cabrini was raping him. Left alone with a hot guy and an ignored cock, a faggot will always eventually go for the meat. 

Cabrini heaved a sigh of relief as the faggot decided he was done waiting. He buried his head in Cabrini’s lap, and when he wasn’t pushed away, extracted Cabrini’s cock from his pants. He got his lips around his cut dick and his hands around his balls, making content noises as he sucked and licked.

Cabrini smoked, occasionally groaning or hissing, as the faggot coaxed to his cock to its full erect state with his talented tongue. Getting a blowjob at 2 pm on a Tuesday was wonderful. Cabrini loved the way the faggot ran the textured surface of his tongue over the slit of his glans as he rolled Cabrini’s testicles in his fingers. Cabrini fantasized about having a big workshop, leaving it after a long day of tinkering with his toys, and coming inside for a round of good sex with a boy like this. He dreamed of being rich and powerful enough to have a faggot or a sub of his own to follow him around everywhere.

Cabrini was deciding that Ace could take as long as he wanted in there when he heard a car. He watched it drive down the street toward them. Cabrini sat up and tensed. He put a protective hand on the faggot’s neck, not wanting him to stop even for this, as he craned his neck to see. The vehicle parked in the driveway of the house across the street from him. He saw one head. He held his breath. An old lady got out. Cabrini exhaled in relief and watched her haul a grocery bag stuffed with yarn up to the house. He sent an update via text message to Ace’s phone.
Ace replied: “Cool. Almost done here.”
“We’re sitting ducks. We need to move.” Cabrini wrote back. He wasn’t expecting a response and he didn’t get one. Ace would take all the time he needed to complete the deal. If it was going to go sour, it would have happened already. Cabrini’s text was a bluff. If he would have said: “Take your time”, then Ace would have known he was playing with his faggot. Cabrini didn’t want Ace wrapping up business with his thoughts of his second-hand-man playing with his pet out in the car, and in theory, not doing his job, although he was.

“That’s a good boy,” Cabrini moaned under his breath. “Suck it you faggot. Good boy. Nhhg …” Cabrini held out for as long as he could, but that boy had talent and the orgasm peaked hard and sudden. He came in a rush, and bucked up into the faggot’s mouth to empty his seed down his throat. The young man eagerly lapped it up; not a drop hit Cabrini’s pants or the seat cushions. He massaged Cabrini’s balls until they hitched again and the rest poured out. “Fuck you are good at that,” he crooned.

He watched through heavy lidded eyes as the faggot cleaned him up and tucked him back into his pants. The young man then rested his head on top of Cabrini’s crotch and began to fall asleep. Cabrini gave him a few pats on the head and chewed on the cigarillo butt.

Not two minutes later, Ace came out, swaggering. The car sank down a little as he got in.
“Success?” Cabrini grunted.
“Damn straight man! Come on, let’s go to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. I’m goddamn hungry and we gotta lotta planning to do. I got so many corners now, I don’t have enough people to staff em! We gotta hire, Cab, you think I should run an ad on Craigslist?” He threw his head back and laughed.
Cabrini chuckled and shook his head. “Business will be good?”
“Business will be ah-fucking-amazing soon enough. You will be able to buy that drone you keep harpin about.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“Aww, did Georgy fall asleep on you?”
“Yeah he’s out cold. Guess he got bored.”
Ace turned the car on and set it going down the street. “Yeah he never did have a lot of patience. He better get his rest though, he’s gonna be busy tonight. Fucker can sleep under the table at Roscoe’s for all I care as long as he can stay up all night pleasing me.”
Cabrini glanced down at the faggot. He felt a moment of panic when he still saw a fleck of his cum on the boy’s lips. He brushed it away when Ace’s eyes were on the road. Food would be good. It would surely get the taste of cock off his breath. Ace put the cigarillo stub away in a small metal case he carried on his keychain. Life was good.

Text is fictional.


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