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A slave waits patiently for the auction to start. He’s just been photographed and in a moment will be taken to the holding area. He was worried about getting an erection, as some of the other slaves have, but thankfully he’s too nervous to get it up so it just remains soft. He hasn’t seen the audience yet either, so all he can do is imagine what the men look like and what their personalities will be… and the slave wonders what they’re going to think of him too. He looks down at himself, nude and shorn. Well, if anything, he thinks, I’m a blank canvas. I hope they see my potential. I have a lot of skills. I have to remember that if I want to be valuable to someone, I have to have confidence in myself that I am valuable, even as a slave. The Headmaster barks at him to join the others in the holding area. The slave says a clear “Yes sir” and moves quickly to that direction with his head up and eyes forward. Even if I am a slave, he also thinks, there’s no shame in being in my natural place.

Text is fictional.


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