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Love is you holding me close when I don’t feel good, watching me sleep while I’m sick, and being their smiling when I wake up. Love is you and me.

“Hey lover boy.”
“How are you feeling?” Daniel asks.
“Like shit.”
“You still look cute.”
Jesse smiles. “Thank you. I still feel like shit.”
“Do you need a wastebasket to vomit in?”
“Ugh don’t say that word. No…I think it’s all out.”
“I’m sorry you got food poisoning on your birthday.”
“Me too. I want to open my presents but I don’t wanna get up.”
Daniel squeezes his hand. “Alright, I’ll go get you one to open. You can do the rest later.”
“You’re fantastic,” Jesse murmurs. He still pouted as Daniel pulls away from him.

A few moments later Daniel returns with a glass of cool water and a thin package. He doesn’t give it to his boyfriend until Jesse’s drank some of the water. Jesse settles back into bed with the flat, rectangular package. “I think this is a DVD.”
Daniel smiles and doesn’t say anything as Jesse destroys the paper.
“Ohh it is. Which one which one which one….ahhh it’s Velvet Goldmine! I haven’t seen this for years, it was my favorite movie in high school-”
“And then you lost the VHS tape you recorded off the TV in that house fire right?”
Jesse nodded, a fond look on his face. “You remembered.”
“Of course.” Daniel kissed his forehead. “Want to watch it now?”
“Hell yeah I do! I feel better already.”
“Good. You better, cause if you think food poisoning is going to get you out of birthday spankings you are sorely mistaken.”
Jesse laughed and swatted at him until Daniel escaped to put the DVD in the player.

They settled on the bed together, spooning. Daniel nuzzled under Jesse’s chin and felt his heart beating through his back. Even sick, he couldn’t stay away from this boy. This was nice. It was good to be in love.

Text is fictional.


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