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“Sorry, he’s shy. He’s also worried you can see the chastity device on through his khakis even though you can’t.-”
He groans, “Babe why’d you tell him that?”
“-I’ll pay you for your time, don’t worry. We’re gonna get these engagement photos one way or the other. Come on love, face the camera now.”
“Mnnng. No.”
“Please sweetie? Do it for me?”
“But he can see it.”
“No he can’t; he doesn’t care. You’ve never been ashamed of it before. What changed? Come on you look so cute in purple.”
“You really can’t see it?”
I glance down at his crotch. “No love.”
He mutters softly. “Cause I’m straining really hard right now, and it feels huge.”
I chuff through my nose. “Well as hot as that is, you can’t see a single trace of it. The metal is doing its job; the underwear should catch the drips. Come on, we’re wasting this man’s time. Turn around. Aww, good boy, there we go. Smile now.”

Text is fictional.


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