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Here are some of the amazing photos from Folsom Street Fair’s nasty younger brother, Up Your Alley 2014.

One year I am going to this. I love the photo of the pup with the clipboard:

“Pup, give that back.”
“Puppy, give it! Giiive it.”
“Hey! Come back here with that! I need that! Bad puppy!”
Another Master behind me speaks up. “You do know he thinks you’re playing right? Look at his body language. He wants you to chase after him. You do that, you’re gonna go in circles all day.”
“I want my clipboard back!” I huff. I take a menacing step forwards and the puppy bounds away, tail wagging. “Arg! He’s probably drooling on it.”
“Yeah he does that when he gets excited. Pup, come here boy! Aww yeah come here, that’s a good boy. Who likes scratches? You like scratches, yesh you do. Alright, give the man his clipboard back. Give. Give. Good puppy, here’s a cookie.”
The Master hands the man back the clipboard, now decorated with chew marks and a bit of drool. “ … Lovely. Thanks.”
“Sorry about that. He gets excited at these things.”
“I see tha – …hey! He stole my pen right out of my hand! Dammit pup, I need that!”
His Master just laughs. “You’re on your own for that one.”


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