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Heinrich’s family were professional nature photographers; over the summer, when he was out of boarding school, he’d go with them on all sort of exotic adventures. For a story on sea turtles, they settled on a beach-side town in Ecuador. Heinrich, bilingual in three languages, quickly made friends with the locals. He learned of a secluded gay spot on the beach and wasted no time introducing himself to the boys. They were all  beautiful and dark and shameless, and Heinrich thought he was in paradise. They were all so nice and friendly. Used to the pale genitalia of other Europeans, Heinrich was fascinated by their tanned flaccid cocks and the dark mahogany color of their balls.

The boy were so nice and let Heinrich touch and explore all he wanted. From watching the other boys, Heinrich learned that cupping another boy between the legs means you’re interested in him. Heinrich got up his courage and pursued a young man he’d fancied, sneaking a hand in to cup Domingo’s plump balls right as a wave knocked him into Heinrich’s arms. He accepted Heinrich’s offer by pushing him back into the sand with a heavy kiss.

They barely made it back to the towel before they collapsed on top of it, grabbing the body oil and rutting like animals on the hot sand. Dominigo pinned the German boy down and took him hard, marveling at how his cock looked being swallowed up Heinrich’s alabaster ass. They ignored the cat calls from other gay beach-goers, lost in carnal lust of one-time sex.

Heinrich became very fond of Ecuador and later moved there to attend college. The beach boys gave him a nickname – Blanco – as a sign that he had been accepted as one of them.

Text is fictional. Source is…porn, I guess. Sources are hard to find lately.


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