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“Mmmnn!…mmnnnff you taste nice. You taste like wine and chocolate.”
“You just taste like you.”
“Oh the shirt’s coming off. I like. I love your body babe,” I murmur, exploring his torso with splayed hands. “So fucking sexy. Makes me horny.”
“I love that you think I’m sexy,” he says in a low, sensual voice. “You know what I’m gonna do to you?”
“Mmm what? Kiss me?”
He presses his soft lips to mine. “Yes, and?”
“And what?” I ask, half paying attention.
“I’m going to take you to bed and touch your penis,” he whispers in this rich voice that makes goosebumps rise on my skin.
“Are you now?” I manage, my mouth dry.
“Yeah baby. We’ve been so busy lately, it just drives me nuts to have it be so close to me yet trapped in your shorts where I can’t get it.”
“You like touching my cock?” I whisper into his mouth.
“Yeah I do baby. It’s so fat and thick, it fits perfectly in my hand. I love to make it silky and hot, and I love to feel it grow under my fingers.”
I moan, my pants feeling two sizes too small.
“And you know what I’m going to do after that?”
“What?” I beg.
“I’m going to touch your testicles.”
I moan even louder.
“I’m going to roll them in my fingers, move them around in your sac. Make you nice and horny for me, turn you into a pliant little succubus.”
“Then are you gonna fuck me…?”
“If you don’t spill all your seed, you horny little boy, then yes. I know you haven’t been filled properly in way too long.” He punctuates this with another kiss. “You will beg for every inch I g-”


We both jump a little, then emit twin groans of sheer frustration. I lock my fingers behind my neck and puff out my cheeks, he just balls his fists and counts to ten.
“Fuck,” he spits. “We just put her to bed, why is she crying so early?”


I feel like crying too. “I’m never gonna get my dick touched again at this rate.”
He kisses my forehead. “Yes you are. I’m going to go see what she wants.”
“Isn’t it my turn?”
“Stay,” he commands, using that bossy voice I like so much. I huff in frustration and collapse onto the bed, waiting for Romero to come back into the room. I brush my teeth and fondle myself through my shorts to keep my half erection alive. Romero returns about fifteen minutes later.

I sit back down on the bed. “Remind me why we adopted a baby again? Why not a four year old? We could have skipped all of this.”
He raises an eyebrow at me. “Because you’re baby crazy, and because a baby needed us at that time. She’ll know nothing else but us. We’ve raised her since her 3rd day of life, it makes her ours more than anything.”
“Still can’t believe Elyse is actually ours,” I say. Romero has sat next to me and I nuzzle noses with him.
“Mm she’s pretty wonderful isn’t she? I just changed her and got out that burp we didn’t get after her last bottle.”
“You’re such a good daddy.”
He doesn’t hesitate to respond. “Because you give me the courage.”
“Do I?” Our lips meet once more. “So…does this mean, in thanks, you’re going to touch my dick now?”

Romero tugs on the waistband of my sweatpants. “Oh, that’s inevitable.”

Text is fictional. Source unknown.


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