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Gregor and his friends wanted to make sure they passed their high school finals so they could all go off to college together. Their grades were decent enough, but corruption run rampant in their school system and a teacher could flunk a test because he or she simply felt like it. The boys knew they had been rambunctious this school year, that they could have done more homework, and had gotten in trouble for sucking cock in the bathroom and being late to class.
Lucky for them, the boys knew of a certain school administrator with a thing for young men. It wasn’t a secret that he would leer at their butts and crotches and it was rumored he stole underwear from the locker rooms. So, Gregor and his friends decided to use their toned bodies as a bribe to get what they wanted.

Their parents were so proud when the test results came in the mail.

Text is fictional. Watermarked.


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