Final Update on June Releases Part 1 of 2

I told gayboykink I would make a post about Orion being repaired so he could reblog it, and I kind of forgot to do it. Sorry love!

Yes, Orion’s New Leash on Life has been repaired. The edits have been updated and I am 100% done with it. If you purchased the Dreamspinner anthology, it was released as part of your package on June 20th. I have already met one reader who found me because of this story (hi C!). Since some time has passed, the Goodreads reviews rolled in …and it’s at a 3.53 out of 5 stars! 55% rated it at 4 stars. I am so relieved, heavens to betsy.

Orion’s New Lease on Life is available on Dreamspinner here for the Mended anthology and here for the solo release. Gayboykink is the model on the solo cover! Thank you gayboykink, you are one of my favorite Tumblr users <3


PS: This is probably my favorite review: “I am ALL about consenting adults doing whatever they want together to make each other feel good, absolutely, but this just went a bit too far for my comfort level. Holy shit, the things I can now never un-see.

This person should never, ever go on Tumblr, lol.


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