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  • I don’t know if any of you have read Amy Lane’s Sidecar, but if you haven’t, please read it or rent it through your library’s e-book program. And if you can’t afford it, I’ll buy it for you. Just such a flawless piece of gay fiction.

  • I really wish I had more opportunities to use the words “butt slut”.  #justsaying

  • 5,000

    We’ve hit 5,000 followers. Holy hell, I can’t believe it. Tumblr user westlancs was number 5,000… maybe I should send him/her a thank you note or something. Thank you to everyone for reading, liking, following, and reblogging.


    Ever since blissfuldominance and Chiernon have had to deal with their blogs being pulled out from under them, I’ve lived in mortal fear of this happening to me. What could be worse than signing in one day and discovering over a year of writing just – poof! gone! I spent a long while trying to…

  • At Coachella

    I’m at Coachella for the weekend. By some miracle there’s internet here. Like last year, posts will continue as normal.

  • Iiiit’s over.

    Thanks for putting up with my ridiculous April 1st posts.

  • April

    So it’s the first day of the new month, and we’re almost at 5,000 followers. However, I think you can all agree with that my writing style is really boring. So tired of writing about the same cock, the same balls, the same sex. I think I need a change. I’m gonna try some new…

  • Bleh

    Not posting today, will double post tomorrow.

  • First world problems

    I went to a coffee shop to get some writing done tonight… discovered it’s actually pretty hard to find somewhere to sit where people can’t see your screen full of gay porn.