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“No…sit. Sit. Stay. Stay still. No wiggling. Good boy. Eyes up on me. Eyes. Up. Oh good boy. You look so cute today, puppy. You can lick my crotch after I’m done with my coffee. Not before. You’ve done cursed yourself – you made me such a damn good cup of coffee, I wanna enjoy it nice and slow. Ah-! No wiggling. That’s it.” sip “Man, you are adorable. I love having a houseboy and pup in one. mm what do you call that? A housepup?”
That’s what I thought. You’re such a good housepup, Cortado.” sip “ Hey, how on earth are you staying so still but your tail is wagging?”

Text is fictional. Model is Todd Sanfield of underwear company ‘Cortado’ is a coffee term.


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