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In that one moment, I saw a look on his face I’d never seen before. It was a mix of lust and possessiveness, his eyes smoldering like embers. He liked his lips like a lion about to deliver the swift blow to his prey. By reflex I tried to move back a little as he advanced on me – because it scared me a little, thinking what a man like that was going to do to me. But then he moved suddenly and kissed me and my arms went under me and I was flat on my back. He dropped himself between my legs and began to grind against me as he stole the breath out of my lungs.

I had just met this guy but I knew from the moment I saw him that he wanted to fuck me. He saw my body and saw something that was now his, and it was just something I should accept. I figured attempting a relationship would be postponing the inevitable fucking, so I just dropped pretenses and invited him into my room.

Up until that moment he claimed me, I thought it might have been a mistake going through with this. He was so strong. I’d never been with a man with such entitlement.. Any time I tried to do something with my hands, like touch myself or touch him, he would push them off and hold my arms to bed. Sometimes he’s growl a little, as a warning. He was in control here. I was his prize, and it was not my place to be challenging it.

The spark of fear excited me. I parted my legs open for him, showing my pussy to him. A dark look of carnal interest flickered across his expressive face. I began to wonder if that had been a mistake too, baiting him like that, but the fucking he gave me convinced me within seconds. He ate me out, opened me up, and used my hole for two entire hours. I had no idea a man could have that kind of stamina, that someone could fuck me so thoroughly – not just my ass, but my entire body resonated with each thrust from his hips.

And now? I don’t want anyone else but him. Not when I can be taken like that.

Text is fictional. This is from the web series Hunting Season.

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