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“Mmm good morning, boy.”
“Good morning, Justin. Fuck me?”
“Well, well, direct this morning aren’t we? My poor boy, must be so backed up.” I reach out and cup the metal between his legs. He instinctively pushes himself into my hand although it does nothing.
“I’m. sooo. horny. I hate this, Justin, how much longer are your relatives going to be here?”
“Five more days,” I say casually.
He groans.
“Hush your mouth you spoiled thing. You know this is for the best. I can’t use a chastity cage because you could still jack yourself off with it, plus it would leave a distinct shape. I don’t want my relatives to get curious. Besides, as I suspected, I am too busy with them to keep track of controlling your masturbation and erections so this is the best way. Keeps your hands off your cock until I can dedicate more time to managing you. It’s discreet and keeps you obedient.”
“And horny,” he sighs.
“Yes, I do love you horny, making you sit through boring dinners when all you can think about is my cock.”
“I fucking love your cock, Justin.”
I smile. “I know you do. Hm, we got a little time before we have to meet the family. Get into position. I think I’m going to help take a little pressure off those balls.”
“Oh thank god!”
“I want to see plenty of pre-cum drip out, no matter how tight your cock swells in there.”
He nodded eagerly and put his ass into the air, wiggling impatiently until I can get us both lubed up. I hadn’t told him I was thinking of leaving it on for a week after my relatives left, with cleanings of course. He’d been getting pushy lately and I need a way to drive home the message that I own his cock and its at the mercy of my good will. Of course, he could say ‘no’ at any time but he won’t. He thrives on being locked up and knows it. Anything less interesting than this would bore him.

Text is fictional. Watermarked.


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