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So Orion’s New Leash on Life came out yesterday. I finally got up the nerve to look at the published piece….and some edits were not made in the final print. Really big errors. Like, at the end, one of the minor character’s names gets switched around back and forth with another character’s name by mistake so it’s going to confuse the hell out of my readers. I also spotted an instance where the tense switched from third to first person.

I already sent out my promo copies to reviewers and like 5 people already bought it …and shit. Just shit. Dreamspinner was right in rejecting the story the first time around because it just had too many errors to fix before the printing deadline. It went through three rounds of editing, and we all still missed these. But, it’s mostly my fault because I wrote it not only under extreme pressure, having found out about the anthology last minute, but also under extreme stress from real life work. 

So I’m really sorry everyone. I’m gonna try to resolve this. If anyone who bought it finds my way to my Tumblr and wants a refund, I’ll personally mail you a check or some such thing. I might just have the thing pulled, because I just can’t anymore.