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We were on our third vacation as a couple, and our first overseas vacation at that. We were celebrating our fifth anniversary. It had stopped raining so my boyfriend had suggested we go for a walk. We picked up a trail that followed the curve of a cliff. The railing curved away from the path to offer a scenic outlook over the coast. I drifted over to the vantage point.

Tanner followed me. “The ocean is so beautiful isn’t it? It just goes on forever.”
“Mmmn. What amazes is me that when you look at a forest, and you look at another forest, they’re different forests. Same with mountains, although they’re all installed on the same land. But with the ocean…it’s all connected. You don’t see different oceans, you see one ocean, just different sides.”
“That’s very deep,” he noted. “…No pun intended.”
I chuckled. “Suuure.” I take a deep breath. “God it’s beautiful out here. The air is so clear, the smell of sea, no cell phones to bother us. You’re here. I feel so happy. I can’t believe this is my life.”
Tanner looked at me, so naturally I glanced at him. He lifted his hand and ghosted the back of his fingers over my jaw. “Would you like it to be your life forever?”
“…Pardon?” I raised an eyebrow.
Tanner smiled a big smile and looked away, as if suddenly shy. “I um. I always suck at expressing my feelings, but I feel the same way as you, RJ. Being here with you is ten times as amazing as going on vacation alone. I don’t even feel like your boyfriend anymore, I feel like your other half, and that makes me really happy. And I don’t think I say it enough, how important you are to me, how you push me to be more responsible and more mature, and go after what matters.”
I turned to face him, words stuck in my throat, wondering where this was coming from all of a sudden. Despite how obvious he was, I was still completely unaware of what he was doing until he reached into the shallow pocket of his swim trunks and pulled out a small box. My jaw dropped the same the time he got on one knee. “Tanner, are you-”

“I …think that the ocean is a good metaphor for how much I love you. No matter how much- …fuck I told myself I wouldn’t cry. Ok Tanner, get it together. Ok. My love for you, it’s very vast and deep, and and when I’m with you, I see different sides of it each day. Reyes Juan Montoya, will marry me? Please?”
“Holy shit, yes!” I screamed, emotions bubbling up from deep within me, “Yes, Tanner, I’ll marry you. Oh my god. You sneaky bastard how long have you been planning this??”
“Oh, four months or so. Oh, and your best friend knows.”
“Laura? Ugh so sneaky! Oh wooooow Tanner, look at that ring. Wait, I recognize this band…”
“It was your grandfather’s. I spoke with your parents, they said they were hoping you’d wear it one day since your sister got your great grandmother’s ring.”
By now tears were streaming down my face. “Oh Tanner, I love you so much.”
“I love you too baby.” He stood up and we kissed, then embraced. An older lady walking a poodle applauded and Tanner blushed horribly. I laughed and kissed him again, then admired the ring. “It fits perfectly. Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m engaged!” I whooped.
“I can’t believe it either. I’m relieved I didn’t drop the ring into the sea… wow, I’m engaged. I did it.”
“Yes, you did. I love it when you take charge.” I kissed him again, and then just kept kissing him until my pulse began to rise. Tanner’s hand slid over torso, then across my hip and downwards, pushing my trunks aside so he could squeeze my ass. I groaned in approval, wanting him to continue, although the thin fabric would do nothing to hide an erection.

Tanner broke the kiss and nuzzled my cheek. “What are the rules for this? Can we only consummate the marriage, or can we consummate the engagement?”
“Tanner, if you don’t fuck me until our wedding day, we’re gonna have a problem. Plus, we’re a couple on vacation, we can consummate whatever the hell we want. In this case, I think an engagement is just fine.”
He grinned. “This is what I love about you, RJ. You always know what to do.”
“Let’s go back to our hotel and order some champagne, before we make the lady with the poodle uncomfortable.”
Tanner guffawed. “Oh yes, let’s not celebrate by being in jail for public indecency.”

I chuckled and reached for his hand. Our fingers entwined effortlessly. I gave him another kiss, and we walked back to the hotel brimming with love, the first steps in our permanent new life together.

Text is fictional. I think this is Dale Cooper and Colby Keller.


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